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10cc – Live and Let Live (1977)

Live and Let Live was 10cc‘s first live album, released in the Autumn of 1977. It was recorded at the Odeon Theatre in London between 18 and 20 June 1977 and the Apollo Theatre, Manchester between 16 and 17 July 1977. The album featured the new line-up of Eric Stewart, Graham Gouldman, Rick Fenn, Paul Burgess and Stuart Tosh along with Tony O’Malley. Burgess had toured with 10cc before, acting as second drummer to Kevin Godley, and also appeared on their first post-split album Deceptive Bends (1977) that was issued earlier that year. The main criticism at the time was that they only performed songs written by Stewart and Gouldman, missing out on big hits such as “Rubber Bullets“, “Donna“, “Life Is a Minestrone” and “The Dean and I“. Also, the album replicated all but one of the songs from the previous album, which had only been out for six months. Despite this, the album was a hit, reaching No. 14 in the UK charts.
The time for a 10cc live album would have been as they toured The Original Soundtrack with one of the most adventurous — not to mention musically extravagant — shows of the age. Instead, they waited two more years, until the newly reduced Eric Stewart/Graham Gouldman-led lineup headed out to promote the first LP since the split, Deceptive Bends, buoyed by the fact that the hits just kept on coming. It is a fun listen on its own terms, a double-vinyl package that wraps a hard-hitting rock show around a good selection of hits. But it is also an unsatisfying venture, as it duplicates all but one track from Deceptive Bends, then avoids any reference to the Godley/Creme era by confining the hits to Stewart and Gouldman compositions alone. That this includes one song previously valued no higher than a B-side (“Waterfall”) is an advantage of this approach; unfortunately, you also realize just how straightforward and rocky the duo’s writing could be, and Live and Let Live emerges less a document of a great live performance than a desperate résumé, the surviving bandmembers so intent upon proving their own worth that they forgot what made the band so special in the first place.

Side One
1. “The Second Sitting for the Last Supper”  (Stewart, Gouldman, Kevin Godley, Lol Creme) – 5.22
2. “You’ve Got a Cold” – 3.57
3. “Honeymoon with B Troop” – 3.56
4. “Art for Art’s Sake” – 7.14
5 .”People in Love” – 4.11

Side Two
1. “The Wall Street Shuffle” – 4.12
2. “Ships Don’t Disappear in the Night (Do They?)” – 7.33
3. “I’m Mandy Fly Me”  (Stewart, Gouldman, Godley) – 6.03
4. “Marriage Bureau Rendezvous” – 4.20

Side Three
1 .”Good Morning Judge” – 3.11
2. “Feel the Benefit” – 13.35
3. “The Things We Do for Love” – 3.49

Side Four
1. “Waterfall” – 7.48
2 .”I’m Not in Love” – 6.59
3. “Modern Man Blues” – 8.05

All tracks composed by Eric Stewart and Graham Gouldman; except where indicated



Released: October 1977
Recorded: June 16–20, 1977 Recorded at the Odeon Theatre Hammersmith London 18th – 20th June 1977 and Apollo Theatre Manchester 16th & 17th July 1977.
Live recording by The Island Mobile. Mixdown – Strawberry Recording Studios (UK) Ltd., 3 Waterloo Road, Stockport, England. Sound reinforcement system designed by Formula Sound Ltd., 3
Genre: Art rock
Length: 90:15

Label – Mercury Records