Lords Of Acid – Expand Your Head (1999)

Lords of Acid is a Belgian and American post-industrial/techno band, led by musician Praga Khan.
Expand Your Head is a compilation album from Belgian electronic band Lords of Acid. Consisting mostly of remixes, three of the album’s sixteen tracks were new compositions. Several of the remixes included on Expand Your Head had been previously released on Lords of Acid singles.
Including 4 new songs and 13 remixes, Expand Your Head slices, dices, and reassembles the Lords of Acid’s X-rated techno-raunch into a towering stack of dance-floor trends. Opening with the new “Am I Sexy,” the Lords follow suit à la the campy big beat of Dimitri from Paris. Newbie number two, “As I Am,” is standard-issue rave-alert acid house, while “Who Do You Think You Are,” with its lyrically colorless rap screamed above industrial guitars, is a toss off (ahem). The last new song on the disc, and the album’s shining moment, is the hidden 17th track, a righteously down-and-dirty rendition of Patti LaBelle‘s “Lady Marmalade.” Here, the Lords are in their element creating heavy, electrifying waterbed rhythms as Jade-4U seductively beckons, “Voulez-vous coucher avec moi?” The rest of the album is a collection of singles remixed by some of electronic music’s biggest superstars, including KMFDM, Luc Van Acker, Joey Beltram, Frankie Bones, and Richie Hawtin, a.k.a. Plastikman. The songs are clearly remixed into each artists’ signature sound (ranging from industrial to Detroit techno), but most are too heady, sapping the bump-and-grind oomph from the originals. And none of the tracks are representative of the remixers’ best work. Lords of Acid arbiters will be underwhelmed.
Driven by the club anthem “Am I Sexy?,” Lords of Acid again works the porn-dance angle they’d been pursuing ever since early-’90s singles like “Rough Sex” and “I Must Increase My Bust,” though their S&M themes and unsubtle topics had put the troupe right into the mainstream, along with the late-’90s ascendance of Marilyn Manson and others. Still, it’s a one-trick pony that doesn’t hold listeners interest over the long haul of an LP, despite credible production by Praga Khan.


1. “Am I Sexy?”  (Praga Khan, Jade 4 U, Carl Johansen, Oliver Adams) – 3:35
2. “Lover”  (Cake Mix, remixer: KMFDM) – 4:17
3. “Rough Sex”  (The All Night Grinder Mix, remixer: Critter) – 4:48
4. “The Crab Louse”  (Super Scratcher with a Golden Shower Rainbow Mix, remixer: Luc Van Acker) – 4:41
5. “As I Am”  (Praga Khan, Jade 4 U, Carl Johansen) – 3:01
6. “Who Do You Think You Are?”  (Praga Khan, Jade 4 U, Carl Johansen) – 3:19
7. “I Sit on Acid”  (Mickey Blotter Mix, remixer: Carl S. Johansen) – 2:58
8. “Pussy”  (Pussymphony II Mix, remixer: Chris Vrenna) – 8:28
9. “Let’s Get High”  (Reach Out and Touch the Sky Mix, remixer: Rob Swift) – 3:14
10 .”Spank My Booty”  (Paddles and Whipped Cream Mix, remixer: Tipsy) – 3:27
11. “Rubber Doll”  (Pucker Up Sweetie and Blow Me Up Gently Mix, remixer: Jamie Myerson) – 5:00
12 .”Marijuana in Your Brain”  (Dope Smokin’ Mix, remixer: Robbie Hardkiss) – 4:41
13 .”Rough Sex”  (Whip Mix, remixer: Joey Beltram) – 4:04
14. “I Sit on Acid”  (Satan on the Cibes Mix, remixer: God Lives Underwater) – 4:05
15. “Rubber Doll”  (Do You Mind If We Dance Wif Yo Dates? Mix, remixer: Frankie Bones) – 6:57
16 .”I Must Increase My Bust”  (Detroit Hardcore Mix, remixer: Richie Hawtin) – 4:52
17. “Lady Marmalade”  (unlisted bonus track) – 3:23

Companies, etc.


Released: July 27, 1999
Recorded: 1988-1997
Genre: Techno, Breakbeat hardcore, Industrial rock, Nu jazz
Length: 1:14:52

Label – Antler-Subway Records

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