Nina Hagen – Nunsexmonkrock (1982)

Catharina “Nina” Hagen (born March 11, 1955) is a German singer, songwriter, and actress. She is known for her theatrical vocals and is often referred to as the “Godmother of Punk” due to her prominence during the punk and new wave movements in the late 1970s and early 1980s.

After her European tour was canceled in 1980, Hagen moved to the United States and signed with Bennett Glotzer, the former manager of Frank Zappa. She began working on songs in English, since most of her previous material was in German and after six month she returned to Germany with her new tour. Shortly after discovering she was pregnant, Hagen broke up with Karmelk and moved back to Los Angeles. In 1982, Hagen signed a new recording deal with CBS Records.

NunSexMonkRock is the debut studio album by German singer Nina Hagen. It was released on June 12, 1982 by CBS Records. It marked Hagen’s first release since her departure from the Nina Hagen Band and was also her first album with all songs in English language. Hagen recorded the album in New York City with Mike Thorne and collaborated with musicians Paul Roessler, Ferdi Karmelk, and Karl Rucker when writing the songs for the album. The lyrics deal with various themes including motherhood, religion, drug abuse, and UFOs. Musically, NunSexMonkRock is an experimental rock with influences of post-punk and new wave music.

Upon its release, NunSexMonkRock received mixed reviews from music critics. While some praised Hagen’s theatrical vocals, others criticized its experimental production. Rolling Stone called it the “most unlistenable” album ever made. Commercially, the album achieved a moderate success. In the United States, it peaked at number 184 on the Billboard 200. In Germany, it reached number 27.


1.  “Antiworld”  (Nina Hagen, Paul Roessler) – 4:41
2.  “Smack Jack”  (Ferdinand Karmelk) – 5:16
3.  “Taitschi-Tarot”  (Hagen, Roessler) – 2:05
4.  “Dread Love”  (Hagen, Karmelk) – 4:08
5.  “Future Is Now”  (Hagen) – 2:55
6.  “Born in Xixax”  (Hagen) – 2:55
7.  “Iki Maska ” (Hagen) – 5:08
8.  “Dr. Art”  (Hagen, Karl Rucker) – 4:49
9.  “Cosma Shiva”  (Hagen) – 3:17
10.  “UFO”  (Hagen, Rucker) – 4:52


  • Nina Hagen – vocals, synthesizer, guitar
  • Mike Thorne – production
  • Allan Schwartzberg – drums
  • Karl Rucker – bass, synthesizer
  • Chris Spedding – guitar
  • Paul Shaffer – synthesizer
  • Paul Roessler – synthesizer, piano
  • Axel Gath – baritone saxophone, contrabass clarinet,
  • Michael Ewasko – engineer
  • Don Wershba – additional overdubs
  • Harvey Goldberg – mixing, additional overdubs
  • Jack Skinner – mastering
  • Nicolaj Ilieff – design
  • Juliana Grigorova – photograph

Released: June 12, 1982
Recorded: 1981–82 Studio Blue Rock Studios (New York City, New York)
Genre: Experimental rock, post-punk, new wave
Length: 40:06

Label – CBS Records

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