Glenn Frey – Strange Weather (1992)

Strange Weather is the fourth studio solo album by Glenn Frey, the guitarist and co-lead vocalist for the Eagles. It was released in 1992 by MCA. Though considered an improvement from Frey’s previous album by most critics, it went largely unnoticed by the public.

With his solo career fading, Glenn Frey got serious on his fourth album, but many of the album’s sentiments sounded strange coming from him. “He Took Advantage” was subtitled “Blues for Ronald Reagan,” but it came more than three years after Reagan’s retirement, and Frey‘s 1984 song “Better in the U.S.A.” could have served as Reagan’s campaign song. On “I’ve Got Mine,” Frey sang about how people in limousines don’t care about “us,” but when was the last time he was on the outside of a limousine looking in? Frey was out of his league going for the kind of philosophical/political territory better handled by his old partner Don Henley. So, although Strange Weather signaled a new commitment by Frey to his career, it missed the charts entirely. (The album concludes with “Part of Me, Part of You,” an Eagles-like tune used in the 1991 film Thelma and Louise.)


1.  “Silent Spring” [instrumental prelude]”  (Glenn Frey, Jay Oliver) – 0:40
2.  “Long Hot Summer”  (Frey, Jack Tempchin, Hawk Wolinski) – 5:17
3.  “Strange Weather”  (Frey, Oliver, Tempchin) – 5:03
4.  “Aqua Tranquillo” [instrumental]”  (Frey) – 0:50
5.  “Love in the 21st Century”  (Frey, Kortchmar, Tempchin) – 6:12
6.  “He Took Advantage (Blues for Ronald Reagan)” – 4:42
7.  “River of Dreams” – 6:07
8.  “I’ve Got Mine” – 5:35
9.  “Rising Sun” [instrumental]”  (Frey, Oliver) – 0:38
10.  “Brave New World” – 6:20
11.  “Delicious” – 3:47
12.  “A Walk in the Dark”  (Frey, Oliver) – 5:18
13.  “Before the Ship Goes Down” – 4:31
14 . “Big Life” – 4:18
15.  “Part of Me, Part of You” – 5:57
16.  “Ain’t it Love” – 4:04

All songs by Glenn Frey and Jack Tempchin, except where noted.


Additional musicians


  • Producers: Glenn Frey, Elliot Scheiner, Don Was
  • Engineers: Mike Harlow, Tim Nitz, Chris Rich, Elliot Scheiner
  • Second engineer: Chris Rich
  • Mixing: Elliot Scheiner
  • Mastering: Ted Jensen
  • Digital editing: Ted Jensen
  • Instrumentation: Glenn Frey, Jay Oliver
  • Programming: Glenn Frey, Mike Harlow, Jay Oliver
  • Production coordination: Ivy Skoff
  • Arranger: Glenn Frey, Greg Smith
  • Art Direction: Vartan
  • Design: Sarajo Frieden
  • Cover design: Carl S. Johansen
  • Photography: Caroline Greyshock
  • Cover art: Carl S. Johansen

Released: June 23, 1992
Recorded: 1991
Genre: soft rock
Length: 65:13

Label – MCA Records

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