Electric Light Orchestra Part Two – Electric Light Orchestra Part Two (1990)

ELO Part II were a band formed by Electric Light Orchestra drummer and co-founder Bev Bevan. The band also included former ELO bassist Kelly Groucutt, and violinist Mik Kaminski for most of its career, along with conductor Louis Clark who toured as a guest with ELO in its later years.

ELO Part Two released a self-titled album in 1990 which featured former ELO violinist Mik Kaminski on one track. The album was intended to harken back to ELO’s classic sound of the mid-to-late 1970s, but compared to the original ELO being under the creative control of Jeff Lynne, ELO Part II were more democratic in terms of songwriting and lead vocals. The first tour featured the band performing live with The Moscow Symphony Orchestra, (MSO), and was well received in the UK. Approximately two-thirds of the songs performed were ELO hits. The concert in ELO’s home town of Birmingham was captured on video and on the live album with the long-winded title Performing ELO’s Greatest Hits Live Featuring The Moscow Symphony Orchestra. Kaminski, former ELO cellist Hugh McDowell, and former ELO bassist Kelly Groucutt were part of the live band, with Groucutt sharing lead and backing vocals with Troyer, Haycock and Lockwood. Kaminski, McDowell and Groucutt were initially appearing as guest artists from a band they had formed called OrKestra, itself a vehicle to exploit their past association with ELO, but eventually dissolved it and joined ELO Part Two full-time by 1993. McDowell’s tenure with the band was short. Plans to tour the USA with the MSO were cancelled as costs became prohibitive.

Electric Light Orchestra without Jeff Lynne likens unto a day without sunshine. But this even-more-anonymous ensemble injects so much calculated charisma into the popcorn here that all is forgiven. Behind these replicated string flourishes and fey-Beatlisms remains sturdy songcraft. Getting past the fact that this disc spouts third-generation fluff and depending on how you take to mimicry or cover bands, “Honest Men,” “Every Night,” and “Heart of Hearts” imitate the band’s glory daze to the point of enjoyability. Out of the blue, ELO II even takes a crack at “Kiss Me Red,” a roguish non-hit composed by the authors of “Like a Virgin” that Cheap Trick attempted on the wire-crossing Doctor. So, one knows what to expect from this bubblegum machine: not “Sweet Talking Woman” nor “Confusion” or “Twilight,” but a decent fabrication of a begone fab era. And while lynchpin Lynne pursues other endeavors, any party ever intrigued by Electric Light Orchestra will find something to enjoy by letting this saucer land on the turntable.

After Bevan left the band in late 1999, he sold his half of the rights to the Electric Light Orchestra name back to Jeff Lynne, and the band changed its name to The Orchestra.


1. “Hello Hello”   (Written-By – Bev Bevan, Eric Troyer, Neil Lockwood, Pete Haycock) – 1:18
2. “Honest Men”   (Written-By – Eric Troyer) – 6:13
3 “Every Night”  (Written-By – Eric Troyer, Ken Cummings) – 3:16
4. “Once Upon A Time”  (Written-By – Bev Bevan, Pete Haycock) – 4:20
5. “Heartbreaker”   (Written-By – Bev Bevan, Pete Haycock) – 4:55
(Violin – Mik Kaminski)
(Lead Vocals – Pete Haycock)
6. “Thousand Eyes”  ( Written-By – Eric Troyer) – 4:49
7. “For The Love Of A Woman”   (Written-By – Eric Troyer) – 4:02
8. “Kiss Me Red”   (Written-By – Billy Steinberg, Tom Kelly) – 4:03
9. “Heart Of Hearts”   (Written-By – Eric Troyer) – 4:19
10. “Easy Street”   (Written-By – Bev Bevan, Pete Haycock) – 4:57
(Lead Vocals – Pete Haycock)

Companies, etc.


Release Date: 1990
Genre: Pop/Rock
Styles: Symphonic Rock
Duration: 42:03

Label – Scotti Bros. Records

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