Jimmy LaFave – The Night Tribe (2015)

Jimmy LaFave set to release his latest studio album “The Night Tribe” on May 12, 2015. LaFave  “delivers 11 exquisitely crafted self-penned songs and re-interprets two Americana masterpieces; barely making them recognizable as they become Jimmy LaFave songs.”

The release includes 13 tracks recorded at Cedar Creek Recording in Austin, TX. The Night Tribe title is a reference to the name LaFave has used for his touring band over the years.

Jimmy LaFave’s self-produced album captures the varied moods and musings of an accomplished folk/Americana artist known for possessing what critic Dave Marsh has called “one of America’s greatest voices.”

The Night Tribe is a thoughtful, finely nuanced album that expresses the world through the eyes and voice of a tribesman traveling the roads of earth — from the splendour of a Colorado pine forest to the soulful vibe of Memphis to the loves and losses of fellow travelers.

Clearly, Jimmy LaFave has crafted his masterpiece, although the same might have been said of several of his other releases up until this point. According to LaFave’s own liner notes, The Night Tribe is a tribute to those who inhabit the after-hours – “the all night waitresses, the 24-hour truck stop attendant, the after midnight radio host… creative, restless insomniacs up all hours of the night searching for the truth.” Whether or not that truth is uncovered here is a matter of conjecture.

Explaining the term’s origin, LaFave says, “In Oklahoma, you hear the word tribe a lot because of all the different Indian tribes, and I thought, ‘What tribe of people am I part of?’ It was always the night people.” After reactivating the Night Tribe name for a recent European tour, he decided he wanted to do something thematic with it. “And that is when I write most of my songs,” he adds. “Almost all the songs on the record were written at nighttime, driving.”


1.  The Beauty Of You  – 5:26
2.  Maybe  – 5:24
3.  Journey Through The Past  (Written-By – Neil Young)  – 5:01
4.  It’s Not On Me  – 3:31
5.  Trying To Get Back To You – 3:35
6.  Talk To An Angel 4:01
7.  Queen Jane Approximately  (Written-By – Bob Dylan)  – 5:45
8.  Island –  3:20
9.  The Night Tribe – 3:55
10.  Never Came Back To Memphis  – 3:05
11.  Smile  – 3:52
12.  Dust Bowl Okies  – 4:37

Release Date: May 12, 2015
Genre: Blues
Length: 55:19

Label – Music Road Records

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