Paul Garrack – It Ain’t Over (2003)

If ever a guy deserved more it’s Paul Carrack. Carrack has fronted some of the most symbolic pop/rock bands in the last 30 years, from Ace to Squeeze to Mike + the Mechanics. He’s written brilliant songs — “Tempted,” “How Long” — and issued brilliant solo records — Suburban Voodoo — but is still regarded as a journeyman, rather than as a star in his own right. That’s just wrong. It Ain’t Over is a case in point for Carrack‘s consistency and brilliance. This set of 11 new songs were all penned and played by Carrack himself, with the exception of horns and strings. From the gorgeous soul groove of “Nothing to Lose,” to the laid-back, sultry hook in the title cut, to heartbreaking Stax-styled R&B of “Empty Space,” to the dirty funk of “Never Too Late,” Carrack showcases his amazing versatility and his taut, in-the-pocket style of writing. As a singer, he’s one of the most disciplined around, and still he manages to get across the deeper, subtler emotions in a song. If there some kind of “Pop Justice,” Carrack‘s It Ain’t Over would be on every adult contemporary station in the States. But few programmers seem to have no place on their playlists for smart, sophisticated, sassy, classy pop music.


1. She Lived Down The Street – 3:01
2. Nothin’ To Lose – 4:07
3. It Ain’t Over – 4:22
4. Happy To See You Again – 4:30
5. Where Did I Go Wrong? – 3:24
6. Empty Space – 4:22
7. One Small Step – 3:46
8. Forever – 3:19
9. Never Too Late – 4:44
10. Just A Little Lie – 4:20
11 Ain’t No Love – 5:31

Companies, etc.


Release Date: July 1, 2003
Genre: Blue-Eyed Soul
Duration: 45:28

Label – Carrack-UK

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