Soundtrack – A Love Song For Bobby Long (2004)

The soundtrack to Shainee Gabel‘s directorial debut, A Love Song for Bobby Long, is steeped in the regional sounds of New Orleans. Based on the novel Off Magazine Street by Everett Capps, the film, starring Scarlett Johansson, Gabriel Macht, and John Travolta — the latter performs two cuts (“Barbara Allen” and the Howard Barnes/Don Robertson hit “I Really Don’t Want to Know”) — focuses on the grittier, blue-collar side of the Big Easy. Capps’ son, singer/songwriter Grayson Capps, provides three of the compilation’s most affective tracks, “Washboard Lisa,” “Love Song for Bobby Long,” and a gorgeous duet with Theresa Andersson called “Lorraine’s Song (My Heart Was a Lonely Hunter) — both have cameos in the film. Nathan Larson‘s brief but powerfully atmospheric score appears twice, casting a long shadow of melancholy that permeates classic cuts from celebrated bluesman Lonnie Pitchford, Lightnin’ Hopkins, Magic Slim, and Big Bill Morganfield.
Other highlights include Los Lobos‘ previously unreleased “Someday,” an outtake from 1990’s Neighborhood, and Nada Surf‘s achingly nostalgic “Blonde on Blonde,” rounding out a collection that effortlessly and continuously provides the listener with dusk-tipped emotionality and a succinct sense of place.


1.  Los Lobos – Someday  – 3:43
2.  Grayson Capps, Theresa Andersson – Lorraine’s Song (My Heart Was a Lonely Hunter) – 4:50
3.  Thalia Zedek – Bone – 4:34
4.  Joan Wasser, Lyle Molzan, Nathan Larson – Bobby – 1:47
5.  Trespassers William – Different Stars – 4:44
6.  Lonnie Pitchford – Lonesome Blues – 5:34
7.  Magic Slim & The Teardrops – Early Every Morning – 5:07
8.  John Travolta – I Really Don’t Want To Know – 0:54
9.  John Travolta – Barbara Allen – 1:02
10.  Giant Drag – This Isn’t It – 2:59
11.  Joan Wasser, Lyle Molzan, Nathan Larson – Daughter Like Mother – 1:58
12.  Big Bill Morganfield – Rising Son – 4:17
13.  Grayson Capps – Washboard Lisa – 3:24
14.  Nada Surf – Blonde On Blonde – 4:30
15.  Lightnin’ Hopkins – Praying Ground Blues – 2:58
16.  Grayson Capps – Love Song for Bobby Long – 4:51


Executive Producer: Jim Black
Music Executive for Lions Gate: Joel C. High
Executive In Charge of Soundtrack for El Camino: Richard Glasser
Project Directors: Bill Dern & Kevin Calabro
Production Director: Norman T. Russell
Production Assistant: Mike Swenson
Music Coordinators: Rebecca Rienks and Tiffany Ryan
Mastered by Gene Paul for DB Plus Digital Services, New York City
Design: Jodi Cohen – Chromatic Inc. Lithographers
Photography: Ron Philipps

Release Date: January 11, 2005
Genre: Pop/Rock/Blues
Duration: 57:12

Label – Hyena Records

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