Gary Brooker – Lead Me To The Water (1982)

Gary Brooker, MBE, (born 29 May 1945) is an English singer, songwriter, pianist and founder and lead singer of the rock band Procol Harum.

Gary Brooker wrote music and lyrics for all the songs on his second album and acted as his own producer, resulting in perhaps his most personal statement as an artist. Unlike No More Fear Of Flying, on which he sometimes just seemed to be the singer on his own record, here Brooker delivered his songs with feeling, enabling him to overcome the star power of his backup musicians, who included Eric Clapton, George Harrison, and Phil Collins.

Special attention to Phil Collin’s drumming on several tracks. Regardless of what some think of Phil’s singing and stage presence, there is no doubt that he is one of rock’s most respected drummers. He lends a big kick to tracks such “Mineral Man”, “The Cycle”, and “Sympathy For the Hard of Hearing”. Those last two tracks even have moments that almost sound like Duke or Abacab-era Genesis (with tasty keyboards and progressive energy). Wow!

This was partly because Brooker no longer felt the need to separate himself from The Procol Harum sound that was so much a part of his natural musical identity. Brooker‘s lyrics weren’t as philosophical as longtime writing partner Keith Reid‘s, but they could be just as intriguingly oblique.


1.  Mineral Man – 3:19
2.  Another Way – 4:07
3.  Hang On Rose – 4:10
4.  Home Loving – 4:44
5.  The Cycle – 3:20
6.  Lead Me To The Water – 4:20
7.  The Angler – 5:32
8.  Low Flying Birds – 3:47
9.  Sympathy For The Hard Of Hearing – 6:31

Companies, etc.


Released: 1982
Genre: Pop, Soft Rock
Length: 39:32

Label – Mercury Records

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