Jimmy Vaughan – Strange Pleasure (1994)

Jimmie Lawrence Vaughan (born March 20, 1951, Dallas County, Texas, United States) is an American blues rock guitarist and singer based in Austin, Texas. He is the older brother of the late Texas blues guitar legend Stevie Ray Vaughan.
Several notable blues guitarists have had a significant influence on Vaughan’s playing style including the “Three Kings” (Albert, Freddie, and B.B. King) and Johnny “Guitar” Watson.
Jimmie Vaughan’s first solo album includes a subdued country-gospel-blues eulogy for his late brother Stevie Ray in the form of “Six Strings Down,” written by Art and Cyril Neville. The bulk of the recording, though, comes in the form of the relentless, Texas-blues rave-ups that made Jimmie the solid rock at the base of the Fabulous Thunderbirds. Dr. John gives a New Orleans shuffle to two songs he cowrote with Jimmie, but more typical is the first single, “Boom-Bapa-Boom,” which boasts a hypnotic rhythm perfectly described by its title. Jimmie’s refusal to play an unnecessary note makes his grooves irresistible.
‘Strange Pleasure’ featured lots of new ideas with a retro twist, and then he penned three quarters of a cross section of blues styles on his second album, before turning his attention to the bluesier aspects of jazz. The net result is plenty of cool grooves, effortless shuffles, occasional spirited duets, and plenty of laid back but incisive guitar playing, over three albums within his chosen trio format.
‘Six Strings Down’, the moving ode to his brother Stevie Ray on ‘Strange Pleasure’ compasses several of those strands in a country, blues, gospel mélange and a role call of fallen guitar giants.
Released 4 years after Stevie’s death, it was an album born of reticence and it took Clapton no less, to encourage Jimmie to step out in his own right. And if the result wasn’t quite the fired up album some might have expected, there’s still good rocking on the opening ‘Boom-Baya Boom’, economical playing on the ‘Flamenco Dancer’ – which is actually a hefty shuffle – and a lovely after hours feel to ‘Tilt-A Whirl’. It’s an impeccably played debut album with gospel tinged bv’s .


1.  Boom-Bapa-Boom – 3:56
2.  Don’t Cha Know – 4:21
3.  Hey-Yeah – 3:44
4.  Flamenco Dancer – 4:18
5.  (Everybody’s Got) Sweet Soul Vibe – 4:33
6.  Tilt A Whirl – 4:57
7.  Six Strings Down – 4:25
8.  Just Like Putty – 4:07
9.  Two Wings – 4:25
10.  Love The World – 4:15
11.  Strange Pleasure (Modern Backporch Duende) – 2:30

Jimmie Vaughan (vocals, guitar)
Rene Martinez (Flamenco guitar)
Nile Rodgers (guitar)
Joe Sublett (saxophone)
Bill Willis (piano, Hammond B-3 organ)
Junior Brantley, Denny Freeman (piano)
Richard Hilton (keyboards)
George Rains (drums)
Lou Ann Barton, Oren Waters, Terry Young, Kevin Dorsey, Fonzi Thornton, Ken Williams, Curtis King, Jr. (background vocals)
Dr. John (vocals, piano, tambourine)
Denny Freeman, Junior Brantley (piano)

Audio Mixers: Gary Tole, John Hampton, Richard Mullen.
Recorded at: O’Henry Sound Studios, Burbank, California and The Hit Factory, New York.
Recording information: Ardent Studios, Memphis, TN; Hit Factory Studios, New York, NY; O’Henry Studios, Burbank, CA.
Photographer: Keith Carter.
Producer: Jimmie Vaughan; Nile Rodgers
Engineer: Gary Tole; John Hampton

Release Date: Apr 12, 1994
Genre: Rock, Blues
Length: 45:31

Label – Epic Records 

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