The Untouchables – Agent Double O Soul (1988)

The Untouchables are a soul/mod revival band from the Silver Lake, Los Angeles, California area. Described by original lead singer Kevin Long as “mods who played ska music,” The Untouchables are credited with being America’s first ska band.
They formed in 1981 as part of the embryonic L.A. mod revival, after being inspired by the ska revival/punk rock band The Boxboys. Since some couldn’t play instruments, they either hastily learned, or became vocalists. The original lineup included: Kevin Long (vocals), Chuck Askerneese (vocals), Terry Ellsworth (rhythm guitar), Clyde Grimes (guitar), Rob Lampron (drums), Herman Askerneese (bass) and Jerry Miller (vocals, timbales).
The slum starts with the corny album title. The better songs are the title track, “Let’s Get Together”, “Shama Lama”, “Sudden Attack” and “World Gone Crazy”. The UTs this time dabble in pop and funk and jazz oppossed to the ska reggae soul of WILD CHILD. Some louder guitar solos on selected tracks too.
What ruined this sophmore set for The UTs was that instead of throwing in a couple more hardcore ska tunes, they end this cd with remixes of “Stripped To The Bone” and the title track which both are awful, they switch lead singers on selected tracks like “Under The Boardwalk” which is a sad cover to say the least. The comic strip storyline in the cd sleeve tops off this album to not to be taken seriously.


1.  Agent Double 0 Soul – 4:28
2.  Let’s Get Together – 4:10
3.  Stripped To The Bone – 3:39
4.  Airplay – 4:20
5.  World Gone Crazy – 4:03
6.  Under The Boardwalk – 3:48
7.  Cold City – 3:52
8.  Shama Lama – 3:36
9.  Sudden Attack – 4:18
10.  Education – 5:42
11.  Cool Boy – 3:37
12.  Agent Double 0 Soul (House Mix) – 6:19
13.  Stripped To The Bone (Bare Bones Mix) – 5:12


Released: 1988
Release Date: Jul 19, 1991, Studio/Live Studio
Genre: Reggae, Funk / Soul
Style: Soul, Reggae-Pop
Recording Time: 56 minutes

Label – Restless Records

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