Roy Ayers presents Ubiquity – Starbooty (1978)

This was one of Roy Ayer’s finest projects during the 70’s decade. Ubiquity was quite funky and melodic with their tunes. I have this title on vinyl already and I’m so glad that it is now available on disc. All I have to say is, “thank God for Wounded Bird Records”. These guys have done a great job in re-releasing some fine jazz works, especially where Roy Ayer’s material is concerned.
Produced by Roy Ayers (his name is on the cover), this is the sole album that features Roy Ayers backing band, Ubiquity, without Roy Ayers signing or playing vibes on it. The songs switch between disco and jazz funk and are well executed by seasoned musicians and singers. Starbooty is definitely a good album but a bit too mechanical and certainly not as good as what Roy Ayers did under his own moniker. The best tracks are not necessarily the ones written by Roy Ayers himself. My personnal preference goes to the midtempo Simple And Sweet and its killing head nobbing bassline.
This is really a Roy Ayers Ubiquity album, and up their with ‘Vibrations, ‘he’s coming’ for me, and better than some Roy Ayers Ubiquity albums I could mention, but naturally I do not want to offend other Roy Ayers fans-different strokes for different folks. But please do not be misled by the title or the band name, this is a true Roy Ayers Ubiquity album, with great breaks, and that soulful funk jazz groove we all know, but with a 1978 kick to it-enough said, you will not be disappointed.


1.  “Starbooty”  (Roy Ayers) – 6:04
2.  “Simple & Sweet”  (Philip Woo) – 5:46
3.  “Spread It”  (Justo Almario) – 5:20
4.  “The Five Flies”  (Roy Ayers) – 3:50
5.  “Midnight After Dark”  (Roy Ayers) – 5:13
6.  “Love Is Love”   (Chano R. Offeral) – 3:38
7.  “Can You Be Yourself”   (Ricky Lawson) – 4:13
8.  “If You Wanna See The Sunshine”  (Roy Ayers) – 5:47

Companies, etc.


Released:  1978
Ro—Ayer Production Co. Inc.
Engineering Credits
Electric Lady
Sigma Sound Recorders New York
Kendun Recorders
Record Plant Los Angeles
Genre: Jazz, Funk / Soul
Style: Jazz-Funk, Disco
Length: 39:49

Very Special Thanks: Edwin Birdsong, Merry Clayton, Jimmie Simpson, George Schiffer, Don Mizell, Truman Talley, Willie Michael, Chuggy Carter

Label – Elektra Redcords

About Record Facts
Music Collector

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