Umphrey´s McGee – Safety In Numbers (2006)

Umphrey’s McGee is an American jam band originally from South Bend, Indiana. Although the band is part of the jam band scene, like Phish and the Grateful Dead (with ever-changing setlists, improvisation, two sets per night, open taping policy, etc.), they are much more influenced musically by progressive rock artists such as King Crimson, Yes, Pink Floyd, Frank Zappa, The Mahavishnu Orchestra, and early Genesis, as well as heavy metal bands such as Iron Maiden and Van Halen. The band also identifies The Police, The Beatles, and Led Zeppelin as primary influences.[1] UM experiments with many musical styles, including rock, metal, funk, jazz, blues, electronic, bluegrass, and folk.
Safety In Numbers is Umphrey’s McGee‘s fourth studio album, released on April 4, 2006. Huey Lewis and Joshua Redman both make appearances. The album contains many slower, acoustic songs and a simpler, stripped down approach with little jamming or progressive rock elements. The artwork for the album was done by Storm Thorgerson.
When “jam bands” began to infiltrate the music scene in the ’90s, it seemed like fans were content to hear bands jamming away for hours on end — à la a Grateful Dead show. But later in the decade, these Dead offspring began to branch out into other musical styles — even going so far as to streamline their compositions to start resembling actual songs. A good example of this is the third studio album overall by Umphrey’s McGee, Safety in Numbers. With more than half of the album’s compositions not exceeding the five-minute mark (something that was virtually unheard of “back in the good old days” of jam bands), Safety in Numbers covers an impressive amount of musical ground. And you’ve got to love a band that invites Huey Lewis to lend his harmonica skills to the tracks “End of the Road” and “Women, Wine and Song” (the latter of which sees Lewis lend a hand in the vocal department, as well). Additional standouts abound — including the speedy album opener “Believe the Lie” and the tough riff rocker “Nemo.” There is a new dawn for jam bands in the early 21st century, and Umphrey’s McGee is definitely helping to usher it in.


  1. “Believe the Lie”  (Jake Cinninger, Brendan Bayliss, Ryan Stasik, Joel Cummins, Kris Myers, Andy Farag) – 6:56
  2. “Rocker”  (Bayliss, Cinninger) – 5:29
  3. “Liquid” (Cinninger) – 3:32
  4. “Words”  (Cinninger, Cummins, Bayliss) – 7:08
  5. “Nemo”  (Bayliss) – 4:25
  6. “Women Wine and Song”  (Cinninger) – 3:53
  7. “Intentions Clear”  (Bayliss, Cinninger) – 4:43
  8. “End of the Road”  (Cinninger) – 3:16
  9. “Passing”  (Bayliss, Cinninger) – 4:15
  10. “Ocean Billy”  (Bayliss, Cinninger, Cummins, Farag, Myers, Stasik) – 6:37
  11. “The Weight Around”  (Bayliss) – 3:33
Limited Edition Vinyl Bonus Acoustic Tracks
  1. “Memories Of Home”  (Cinninger, Cummins) – 4:22
  2. “Divisions”  (Bayliss) – 9:54




Artwork [Original Safety In Numbers Sketches By]Storm Thorgerson, StormStudios

Released: April 4, 2006
Recorded: 2005 – 2006 in Chicago, IL
Genre: Progressive rock, Jam band
Length: 54:54

Label – SCI Fidelity Records

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