Jakob Dylan – Women + Country (2010)

Jakob Luke Dylan (born December 9, 1969) is an American singer and songwriter. He rose to fame as the lead singer for the rock band The Wallflowers, with which he has released six albums since 1992.
Women + Country is singer-songwriter Jakob Dylan‘s second solo studio album. The album was released by Columbia Records on 6 April 2010, and produced by T-Bone Burnett.
Continuing in the subdued, stripped-down direction he began with his 2008 solo debut Seeing Things, Jakob Dylan nevertheless achieves a cinematic resonance on his second record, 2010’s Women + Country. Surely, part of this is down to Dylan swapping Rick Rubin, who has made starkness almost a fetish, for the analog impressionism of T-Bone Burnett, who previously worked with the singer/songwriter on the Wallflowers 1996 breakthrough album Bringing Down the Horse. Women + Country has little to do with the sturdy, sinewy, straight-ahead rock of Bringing Down the Horse: it’s dreamy and airy, slipping in and out of focus, rootsy without being earthy. Horns swoon and stumble in the background, a string bass thumps time, Marc Ribot gently punctures the murk with his gnarled guitar, while Neko Case and Kelly Hogan add warmth with their harmonies, all creating a hazy glaze that augments with Dylan’s dry, unfussy songs. These seemingly conflicting extremes don’t result in a dissonant disconnect, but rather a subtle richness: the spareness of the songs lend themselves to these layered arrangements which in turn draw attention to Dylan’s tight, clean writing. Naturally, this means that Women + Country is somewhat of a grower — it’s so purposefully hazy it seems to pleasingly fade into the slipstream upon the first play, but those repeated spins reveal the deep craft at the heart of Women + Country, deep craft from both the songwriter, his producer, and musicians.


1.  “Nothing But the Whole Wide World” – 3:48
2.  “Down on Our Own Shield” – 3:40
3.  “Lend a Hand” – 3:48
4.  “We Don’t Live Here Anymore” – 4:23
5.  “Everybody’s Hurting” – 3:40
6.  “Yonder Come the Blues” – 4:01
7.  “Holy Rollers for Love” – 3:55
8.  “Truth for a Truth” – 3:35
9.  “They’ve Trapped Us Boys” – 4:01
10.  “Smile When You Call Me That” – 3:59
11.  “Standing Eight Count” – 3:56

All tracks written by Jakob Dylan.

Companies, etc.


  • Jakob Dylan – Composer, Guitar, Vocals
  • T-Bone Burnett – Bass, Guitar, Producer
  • Neko Case – Backing Vocals
  • Kelly Hogan – Backing Vocals
  • Paul Ackling – Equipment Technician, Guitar Technician
  • Jay Bellerose – Drums, Percussion
  • George Bohanon – Horn, Trombone
  • Christian Calabró – Design
  • Josh Cheuse – Art Direction, Design
  • Keefus Ciancia – Keyboards
  • Dennis Crouch – Bass
  • Emile Kelman – Assistant Engineer
  • François Lardeau – Engineer
  • Greg Leisz – Guitar, Pedal Steel
  • Darrell Leonard – Horn arrangements, trumpet
  • Gavin Lurssen – Mastering
  • David Mansfield – Banjo, Fiddle, Mandolin
  • James Minchin III – Photography
  • Jessica C. Mitchell – Assistant
  • Ira Nepus – Trombone
  • Mike Piersante – Engineer, Mixing
  • Marc Ribot – Guitar
  • Ivy Skoff – Production Coordination
  • Maurice Spears – Trombone
  • Jason Wormer – Editing, Engineer

Released: 6 April 2010
Genre: Americana, Alternative country, country rock, folk rock
Length: 42:46

Label – Columbia Records

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