Wilderness Road – Wilderness Road (1972)

Wilderness Road was a rock band founded in 1968 by musicians Warren Leming, Nate Herman, and relatives Andy and Tom Haban. The group, which performed an elaborate stage show, drew on American folklore, and was active in the Anti-War, and Peace Movements of the late Sixties and early Seventies central to Chicago‘s counterculture movement of the period.
This Chicago quartet combined hard rock, bluegrass, and improvisational theater with chaotic but thrilling results. Formed in the overlap between Second City comedy and the Yippies, they interrupted their own live shows with fake commercials. We declared that there “was no better music to be heard anywhere in the land,” but Wilderness Road broke up not long after recording their second album.
This record is like a cowboy comic book, telling the story of a guy who killed a man because he “had the right.” There’s some old-time religion thrown in, as well as some medicine-show. The album cover is listed in several collections as one of the top covers of all time. The early seventies vibe might put you off, but it’s a melodious joy, even now. It’s more fun than Gunsmoke reruns.


A1.  “Wilderness / Queasy Rider”  (Written-By – N. Herman, A. Haban) – 3:14
A2.  “Peaceful Life”  (Written-By – A. Haban) – 4:25
A3.  “Revival – Yes I Am / Testify”  (Written-By – N. Herman, W. Leming) – 1:28
A4.  “Ten Miles / Testify Reprise”  (Written-By – N. Herman) – 2:41
A5.  “Lost And Lonely Navigator”  (Written-By – N. Herman) – 2:42
A6.  “Sing Your Song To The Lord / Brother Are You Troubled?”  (Written-By – N. Herman) – 2:14
A7.  “I Had The Right”  (Written-By – N. Herman) – 3:27

B1.  “Pictures In A Gallery”  (Written-By – A. Haban, N. Herman) – 4:54
B2.  “Bounty Man / Interlude In”   (Written-By – N. Herman, A. Haban) – 5:10
B3.  “Dr. Morpho’s Revenge”   (Written-By – A. Haban) – 3:25
B4.  “Death Dream”  (Written-By – N. Herman) – 1:01
B5.  “Don’t Cry Lady”  (Written-By – N. Herman) – 1:35
B6.  “Rider’s Return”   (Written-By – A. Haban, N. Herman) – 6:00

Companies, etc.


Released: 1972
Genre: Country Rock
Length: 42:!3
Produced for Nimbus 9
Recorded at Columbia Studios, Chicago
Manufactured by Columbia Records/CBS, Inc./51 W. 52 Street, New York, N.Y.

Label – Collumbia Records

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