Danny Wilde – Any Man´s Hunger (1988)

Daniel “Danny” Wilde (real name Danny Thomas; born June 3, 1956) is an American musician. He is a founding member of The Rembrandts.
Wilde was born in Houlton, Maine, but is known for breezy California power pop through his records released in the 1980s and 90s.
Having left the band Great Buildings, Danny Wilde struck out on his own and delivered Any Man’s Hunger in the late ’80s. While “Time Runs Wild” and the title cut got moderate airplay, it was Wilde‘s tongue-in-cheek “Contradiction” which stole the spotlight, sending up the U.S.’ involvement in Central America in a not too flattering spotlight. Full of good, hard-rockin’, pop tunes, “Any Man’s Hunger” is a fine first solo effort from an emerging singer/songwriter. It’s refreshing listening.
Any mans hunger is a classic, albeit an underground one, this is possibaly on of THE best guitar albums of the 80’s laden with many a pop gem ie Time Runs Wild, Ain’t I Good Enough, Set Me Free, Any Man’s Hunger and Contradiction. if your familar with the Rembrandts then this is a 80’s style version still with the jangly guitars killer hooks and strong harmonies, but this album has that ‘live’ drum sound familar in the 80’s. It also has its slow burners aswell in the shape of Wouldn’t Be the Firsttime, Every Goodbye and Too Many Years Gone By. As stated already this album is great so if u like the Rembrandts then its highly reccomed you get this.
If you loved ‘The Boyfriend’, then there’s every likelihood that ‘Any Mans Hunger’ will appeal too. ‘Time Runs Wild’ is a glorious hooky introduction to the album, radio friendly, energetic, and full of great melodies. ‘Ain’t I Good Enough’ is a personal favourite, it’s just as catchy as its predecessor, sort of similar to what Glenn Burtnick was doing at the time. ‘Wouldn’t Be The First Time’ is a magical slice of 4 minutes, the guitar melody is supremely beautiful, and it segues into the chorus seamlessly. This one reminds me of Dutch AORster Ralph Van Maanen. ‘Bitter Moon’ with its jangly acoustic guitar and high-stepping drumwork is certainly a reminder of that late 80’s production technique, but the song itself is still a winner for mine. ‘In A Bordertown’ has a different feel, with a bluesy and R&R hint. Not quite Americana, close but no cigar. ‘Set Me Free’ continues the acoustic jangle a la ‘Bitter Moon’ but it’s those killer choruses that really do it for me. ‘Every Goodbye’ by comparison is restrained, sultry and moody, following it up with the title track, ‘Any Man’s Hunger’ has a bit of everything within, it could’ve been the third single for the album had it got that far. ‘This Old Town’ moves in the same direction as fellow solo rocker John Kilzer, an earthy approach but with a big production. Toward the end of the album, Danny sings a song called ‘Contradiction’, which is a pisstake on the political situation between the USA and Central American elements at the time (think Nicuragua, Grenada etc). Danny signs off with ‘To Many Years Gone By’, which is dominated by acoustic melodies and a backwash of keyboards.


1.  Time Runs Wild – 4:46
2.  Ain’t I Good Enough – 4:18
3.  Wouldn’t Be The First Time – 4:10
4.  Bitter Moon – 4:18
5.  In A Bordertown – 3:50
6.  Set Me Free – 4:42
7.  Every Goodbye – 4:23
8.  Any Man’s Hunger – 4:55
9.  Contradiction – 2:46
10.  Too Many Years Gone By – 4:00

Companies, etc.


Release Date: 1988
Recording Date: June, 1987 – August, 1987
Duration: 46:35
Genre: Pop/Rock
Styles: Contemporary, Power Pop

Label – Geffen Records

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