Chic – Chic-ism (1992)

Chic-ism is the eighth studio album by American R&B band Chic, released on the WEA label in 1992. It is the final Chic album of original material.
“Doin’ That Thing to Me” contains a reference to the mythological wizard Merlin in its lyrics. By some strange twist of nature, mythology was certainly at work when those reviewing Chic-Ism on its release in 1992 dismissed it purely because Chic were old hats. In actuality, the worst thing about it is the cover. Chic-Ism certainly isn’t likely to make album of the century listings, but as Chic albums go, it’s fine if a tad ’80s, which is to be expected as it was recorded only two years into the ’90s. What were critics expecting of Chic — synthesizers à la Kraftwerk? Kicking in with the infectious “Chic Mystique,” a little too long at six and a half minutes, it’s pretty much business as usual. This leads into “Your Love” and “Jusagroove,” both keeping pace before slowing down for “One and Only One.” “In It to Win It” is a perfect update of their New York disco-funk style, a recipe that bands like the Brand New Heavies emulated in later years. The last stretch of the album includes “High,” a beauty that is close enough a slowed down “Good Times.” “MMFTCF (Make My Funk the Chic Funk)” and a better edited reprise of “Mystique” conclude.
The album includes singles “Chic Mystique” (#1 US Club Play, #48 R&B) and “Your Love” (#3 US Club Play). Nine years after Chic’s final album Believer, during which Nile Rodgers and Bernard Edwards had worked as songwriters and producers for artists such as David Bowie, Madonna, Duran Duran, Robert Palmer, and The B-52’s, and the Chic back catalogue and its musical legacy had been re-evaluated by both music critics and the general public, Edwards and Rodgers reunited for a long-awaited eighth Chic album and the following years would see the two touring the world with their new line-up of the band.


1 .”Chic Mystique”  (Nile Rodgers/Bernard Edwards/Princesa) – 6:27
2. “Your Love” – 5:54
3. “Jusagroove” – 3:41
4. “Something You Can Feel”  (Nile Rodgers/Bernard Edwards/Princesa) – 4:31
5. “One and Only One” – 4:27
6. “Doin’ That Thing to Me” – 4:05
7. “Chicism”  (Nile Rodgers/Bernard Edwards/Princesa) – 4:06
8. “In It to Win It” – 5:45
9. “My Love’s for Real” – 4:52
10. “Take My Love” – 5:36
11. “High” – 4:29
12. “M.M.F.T.C.F.” – 4:36
13. “Chic Mystique (Reprise)”  (Nile Rodgers/Bernard Edwards/Princesa) – 4:05

All songs written by Nile Rodgers and Bernard Edwards except as indicated.



Released: March 3, 1992
Recorded: 1992
Genre: Disco, Funk, R&B
Length: 62:47

Label – WEA Records

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