Zodiac Mindwarp & The Love Reaction – Tattooed Beat Messiah (1988)


Zodiac Mindwarp and the Love Reaction are a British hard rock group.
The band is the brainchild of Mark Manning, a former graphic artist and art editor of the now defunct Flexipop! magazine. The magazine folded back in 1982 but the hedonistic lifestyle of the frequenting rock and pop stars to the magazine’ offices fueled his desire to experience the debauchery of life as a decadent rock star. He joined another music publication called Metal Fury as a graphic designer but would assume the alter ego Zodiac Mindwarp at night. Zodiac soon left Metal Fury and formed the Love Reaction in 1985 with Jimmy Cauty, who later formed The Orb, The JAMS (Justified Ancients of Mu Mu), and The KLF on guitar, Kid Chaos (real name Stephen Harris) on bass and Boom Boom Kaboomski on drums.
Tattooed Beat Messiah is the 1988 debut full-length studio release by Zodiac Mindwarp and The Love Reaction.
Too knowing to be a genuine guilty pleasure, there is nonetheless much to recommend Tattooed Beat Messiah, the only full-length release by Zodiac Mindwarp & the Love Reaction. Fronted by Mark Manning, a British music magazine art director, and produced by Bill Drummond, soon to be of the KLF, Tattooed Beat Messiah is a credible attempt to outdo the hard rock sounds and out-there lyrics of the Cult‘s Electric. Zodiac Mindwarp takes lyricism to outer space, claiming to have fallen out of heaven, as well as being a “sex fuhrer,” “Christ in shades,” and a “funky alligator,” all in just the first song, “Prime Mover.” (And honestly, he’s just getting started.) Before flagging near the end of the second side with a requisite power ballad, the album is full of great guitar riffs, ridiculous and ridiculously catchy lyrics, and dumb fun.
Engineered by Femi Jiya and Mark Freegard. Mixed by Nigel Green. The album reached #132 on the US Billboard 200 and #20 on the UK album charts in March 1988 supported by music videos for the “Prime Mover” (single, April 1987), “Backseat Education” (single, October 1987, UK #49), and “Planet Girl” (single, March 1988, UK #63). Tracks included on the album that had been released in 1987 were remixed for inclusion on the album. “Prime Mover” would be the band’s most successful single reaching #18 on the UK singles charts in May 1987, well in advance of the eventual album release.


1. “Wolf Child Speech”  (0:30)
2. “Prime Mover”  (3:13)
3. “Skull Spark Joker”  (2:27)
4. “Backseat Education”  (3:04)
5. “Hey Baby”  (0:05)
6. “Bad Girl City”  (3:00)
7. “Untamed Stare”  (2:41)
8. “Tattooed Beat Messiah”  (3:36)
9. “Born to Be Wild”   (3:20)  (Mars Bonfire)
10. “Upside Down”  (0:09)
11. “Let’s Break The Law”  (3:35)
12. “Spasm Gang”  (2:44)
13. “Holy Gasoline”  (4:14)
14. “Planet Girl”  (2:37)
15. “Kids Stuff”  (4:55)
16. “Messianic Reprise”  (1:05)

All tracks composed by Mark Manning; except where indicated


  • Zodiac Mindwarp – Vocals
  • Cobalt Stargazer – Guitars
  • Evil Bastard – Guitars
  • Thrash D. Garbage – Bass
  • Slam Thunderhide – Drums


Released: February 16, 1988
Recorded: 1987
Genre: Hard Rock
Length: 41:15

Label – Vertigo Records

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