Ry Cooder & Manuel Galban – Mambo Sinuendo (2003)


Mambo Sinuendo is a studio album released by Cuban performer Manuel Galban and producer Ry Cooder. This album became the first number-one album in the Billboard Top Latin Albums chart for Galbán and the second for Cooder (after his successful recording Buena Vista Social Club in 1998). This recording won the Grammy Award for Best Pop Instrumental Album at the 46th Grammy Awards.
Producer Ry Cooder re-introduces the pianist, organist, and guitarist Manuel Galbán. In the 1950s, he pioneered a tough, rocking guitar style full of reverb and bent notes that is considered by Cuban musicians to be unique in their music. More than the American pop-jazz of the time, this collaboration hearkens back to the futuristic creations of modern Cuban composers of the period. About the recording of this album says Cooder: “Galbán and I felt that there was a sound that had not been explored in a Cuban electric-guitar band that could re-interpret the atmosphere of the 1950s with beauty, agility, and simplicity. We decided on two electrics, two drum sets, congas and bass: a sexteto that could swing like a big band and penetrate the mysteries of the classic tunes. This music is powerful, lyrical, and funny; what more could you ask? Mambo Sinuendo is Cuban soul and high-performance.”. For the recording the producer enlisted the bassist for all the Buena Vista Social Club sessions, Orlando Cachaíto López. The percussionists include Jim Keltner, Cooder’s son, Joachim Cooder and the conga master Miguel Angá Díaz.


  1. Drume Negrita (Ernesto Grenet) — 5:00
  2. Monte Adentro (Arsenio Rodríguez) — 2:53
  3. Los Twangueros (Manuel Galbán/Ry Cooder) — 4:42
  4. Patricia (Perez Prado) — 3:29
  5. Caballo Viejo (Simón Díaz) — 3:51
  6. Mambo Sinuendo (Manuel Galbán/Ry Cooder/Joachim Cooder) — 2:31
  7. Bodas de Oro (Electo Rosell “Chepin”) — 4:40
  8. Échale Salsita (Ignacio Piñeiro) — 4:27
  9. La Luna en Tu Mirada (Luis Chanivecky) — 4:13
  10. Secret Love (Paul Francis Webster/Sammy Fain) — 5:49
  11. Bolero Sonámbulo (Manuel Galbán/Ry Cooder) — 4:31
  12. María la O (Ernesto Lecuona) — 4:19



Released: January 28, 2003
Genre: Cuban jazz, Latin Jazz
Length: 49:55

Label – Nonesuch Records

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