Dave Matthews Band – Europe 2009 (3CD) (2010)


Dave Matthews Band (often abbreviated to DMB) is an American rock band that was formed in Charlottesville, Virginia in 1991. The founding members were singer-songwriter and guitarist Dave Matthews, bassist Stefan Lessard, drummer/backing vocalist Carter Beauford and saxophonist LeRoi Moore. Boyd Tinsley was added to the band as a violinist soon after the band was formed. Moore died suddenly in August 2008 due to complications from injuries sustained in an ATV accident. Grammy Award-winner Jeff Coffin[4] (of Béla Fleck and the Flecktones) has since filled Moore’s spot as the band’s saxophonist. Rashawn Ross and Tim Reynolds have also become full-time members of the band.
The three-CD/one-DVD set Europe 2009 captures two different concerts: the CDs chronicles a July 5 concert in Lucca, Italy, and the DVD documents a June 26 show at the O2 Academy Brixton in London, England. Both concerts were given not long after the release of the band’s 2009 album Big Whiskey & the GrooGrux King, so it’s not surprising that both draw deeply from that record. More interesting for longtime DMB fans, though, is that this is the first official document of the band after the death of saxophonist LeRoi Moore. The group reckoned with his passing on Big Whiskey, but in some ways, Europe 2009 offers a truer illustration of how they’re dealing with his absence, with the group finding some new twists and surprises within expected classics, seemingly gaining sustenance from the music while remaining a crowd-pleasing jam band.
The concert featured on the DVD was at Brixton Academy in London, on June 26, 2009. Tim Reynolds, who resumed touring with the band in 2008, appears on both the audio discs and the DVD.

Disc one

  1. Don’t Drink the Water(Dave Matthews) – 8:59
  2. “Shake Me Like a Monkey” (Carter Beauford/Stefan Lessard/Matthews/LeRoi Moore/Rashawn Ross/Boyd Tinsley) – 4:56
  3. “You Might Die Trying” (Dave Matthews Band/Mark Batson) – 8:27
  4. “Seven” (Beauford/Lessard/Matthews/Moore/Ross/Tinsley) – 4:43
  5. Funny the Way It Is(Beauford/Lessard/Matthews/Moore/Ross/Tinsley) – 6:01
  6. “So Damn Lucky” (Stephen Harris/Matthews) – 8:40
  7. Everyday(Glen Ballard/Matthews) – 8:30
  8. Crash into Me(Matthews) – 6:36

Disc two

  1. “#41” (Dave Matthews Band) – 21:24
  2. “Spaceman” (Beauford/Lessard/Matthews) – 5:01
  3. “Corn Bread” (Matthews/Batson) – 6:37
  4. “Lying in the Hands of God” (Beauford/Lessard/Matthews/Moore/Ross/Tinsley) – 9:45
  5. Jimi Thing(Matthews) – 14:10
  6. Why I Am(Beauford/Lessard/Matthews/Moore/Ross/Tinsley) – 4:43
  7. “The Dreaming Tree” (Harris/Matthews) – 14:33

Disc three

  1. “Alligator Pie” (Beauford/Lessard/Matthews) – 4:41
  2. Ants Marching(Matthews) – 9:21
  3. Gravedigger(Matthews) – 5:20
  4. “Dive In” (Beauford/Matthews) – 6:46
  5. Two Step(Matthews) – 18:45
  6. “Rye Whiskey” (Traditional) – 3:21
  7. Pantala Naga Pampa(Matthews) – 0:39
  8. Rapunzel(Beauford/Lessard/Matthews) – 6:48
Dave Matthews Band
Additional musicians

Released: December 22, 2009
Recorded: Piazza Napoleone, Lucca, Italy, July 5, 2009, and Brixton Academy, London, June 26, 2009
Genre: Rock
Length: 188:46

Label – RCA Records

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