Dan Reed Network – Dan Reed Network (1988)


Dan Reed Network is a funk rock band formed by Dan Reed in Portland, Oregon, United States, in 1984. They released several albums during the mid- to late-1980s and scored a top 40 hit on the Billboard Hot 100 in 1988.
Dan Reed (born February 17, 1963, Portland, Oregon) met Dan Pred in high school in Aberdeen, South Dakota, and after a time pursuing music studies at Northern State University, the pair returned to Portland and formed the Dan Reed Network in 1984. In 1986, they made their first recording, a six-track EP called Breathless which spawned a No. 1 single, “Steal Me”, on Z-100 in Portland, Oregon.
The lineup at this point was Dan Reed on vocals and guitar, Brion James on guitar, Melvin Brannon II on bass guitar, Dan Pred on drums, and Rick DiGiarllonado (formerly of Portland platinum rockers Quarterflash) on keyboards. The band’s diverse ethnic and musical backgrounds (Reed is of German, Hawaiian, and Native American ancestry, James is of Jamaican ancestry, Brannon is African-American, Pred is Jewish and DiGiarllonado is Italian-American) were reflected in the music, which, though discernibly hard rock, was blended with soul, funk, and jazz arrangements. DiGiarllonado, who was married with one child, was replaced by Portlander Blake Sakamoto on keyboards; Sakamoto, of Japanese heritage, had returned from Los Angeles where he had been playing with future Atlantic Records artists Dear Mr. President (lead singer Julian Raymond moved on to be vice president of Capitol Records).
The Dan Reed Network made a name for itself with the live performances. The Washington Post described the band in one performance as “easily charming its … audience with an unlikely brand of heavy metal-ish rock sharpened by junk funk and plenty of rock ‘n’ roll theatrics,” and that “the Network’s strength lies in its infectious temperament.”
Although Living Color’s debut, released the same year, got much more attention, the first album from this Pacific Northwest quintet also made a strong effort at breaking down pop music’s racial barriers. The multi-ethnic group had its roots deep in traditional AOR, but the songs on Dan Reed Network get their freshness from the swinging R&B grooves underneath the big guitars and Bic-flicking anthems. It’s an approach that worked well a decade earlier for Mothers Finest; Reed and Co. go a step further, dressing their funk-rock up for chart consumption with help from producer Bruce Fairbairn. Although Fairbairn’s touch was golden on Aerosmith’s brilliant 1987 comeback album, Permanent Vacation, it’s occasionally too heavy-handed here; chattering synths mar “I’m So Sorry,” and he unwisely indulges the band in an old-fashioned, overblown (though admittedly catchy) power ballad, “Tamin’ the Wild Nights.” Still, producer and band mesh with exciting results on the tribal-flavored single “Ritual” and the locomotive rock-disco of “Human.” And on “Forgot to Make Her Mine” and “Baby Don’t Fade,” the shuffling beats, gritty guitars, and Reed’s charismatic vocals get even closer to wiping out musical color lines. Dan Reed Network never quite obliterates those lines completely, but listening to the group try is entertaining, at least.


1.  “World Has A Heart Too” – 1:17
2.  “Get To You”  (Producer [Basic Track] – Marlon McClain, Michael Mavrolas) – 4:18
3.  “Ritual” – 4:31
4.  “Forgot To Make Her Mine” – 4:06
5.  “Tamin’ The Wild Nights” – 4:12
6.  “I’m So Sorry” – 4:33
7.  “Resurrect” – 5:41
8.  “Baby Don’t Fade” – 4:55
9.  “Human” – 3:40
10.  “Halfway Around The World” – 4:35
11.  “Rock You All Night Long”  (M. Prince/D. Walsh, D. Reed, D. Frank/M. Murphy) – 5:43
12.  “Tatiana” – 2:45

all songs written-by Dan Reed or notice otherwise

Companies, etc.



Released:  1988
Genre: Electronic, Rock, Funk / Soul
Style: Funk Metal, Pop Rock
Lenght: 50:14

Label – Mercury Records

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