The Wackers – Shredder (1973)


The Wackers were an American Elektra Records group formed in 1970 out of another Elektra band Roxy. Singer/songwriter Bob Segarini and multi-instrumentalist Randy Bishop disbanded Roxy and joined with singer-guitarist-keyboardist Michael Stull to form the new group. Bassist Bill ‘Kootch’ Trochim and drummer Spencer Earnshaw .
Comparing them favorably to the Hollies, the Beatles, and Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young, Bill Mann, Montreal Gazette, called The Wackers, “one of the tightest singing groups around,” adding, “theirs is a vocal alphabet soup with a little bit of everything thrown in (with the letters spelling “Sho good listening”).”

The Wackers’ third album “Shedder” (recorded in 1973 after the band had relocated to Montreal from California) has a distinctly British pop sensibility, both in Randy Bishop’s faux-camp vocals and its stripped-down production. “Eventually, Even You Even Me” sounds both like early David Bowie and a template for the Britpop explosion of the 1990s, while the tropical textures of “The Beach Song” recall mid-period Kinks, and “It’s My Life” rivals the Raspberries in its pure unashamed pop exuberance.
“Shredder” began as a side project for head Wackers Bob Segarini and Randy Bishop, but morphed into a full-fledged Wackers album and, ironically, probably the one that best captured their freewheeling live spirit. t also scored their sole hit, ‘Day and Night’, which leads off the record, followed by ‘Hey Lawdy Lawdy.

Despite Michael Stull leaving the group shortly after the move to Montreal, and April Wine drummer Jerry Mercer and guitarist JP Lauzon playing on several of the “Shredder” tracks, Segarini, Trochim, Bishop, and Earnshaw went on to record an unreleased fourth album, “Wack ‘n’ Roll.” Soon after, Earnshaw returned to California and Randy Bishop began a solo career. The Wackers soldiered on for a time with new additions—Leon Holt, Norman Vosko, and Wayne Cullen—and released one single on Polydor Records, “All I Want To Do Is Love You.” Segarini, Trochim, and Cullen would then form The Dudes, with original April Wine members David and Ritchie Henman, and future April Wine guitarist Brian Greenway for one album. Bob Segarini went on to enjoy a critically acclaimed solo career and later ventured into TV and Radio broadcasting.


A1.  Day And Night  (3:04)
A2.  Hey Lawdy Lawdy  (3:48)
A3.  I’ll Believe In You  (3:13)
A4.  Put Myself To Sleep  (2:20)
A5.  Eventually, Even You Even Me  (3:35)
A6.  Coming Apart  (3:58)

B1.  It’s My Life  (3:32)
B2.  Beach Song  (2:43)
B3.  Buck Duckdog Memorial Jam   (10:13)
(a) Our Ship’s Comin’ In   
(b) My Old Lady   
(c) You Really Got Me
B4.  Last Dance  (3:34)

Companies, etc.


Release Date:  1973
Duration:  39:33
Genre:  Rock

Label – Elektra Records

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