Rebelution – Peace Of Mind (2012)


Rebelution is a reggae music band formed in Isla Vista, California. The current members of Rebelution are Eric Rachmany, Rory Carey, Marley D. Williams, and Wesley Finley, and each attended and graduated from the University of California, Santa Barbara.

Having combined the Cali-reggae sound of Sublime with a jam band attitude years ago, Rebelution were well into their groove by the time Peace of Mind rolled around, and they had the sizable, loyal fan base to prove it, too. As such, this “on top of our game” album doesn’t try hard to please, and when a rock-reggae group starts a song with “Woke up this morning” — which happen here — it’s dangerously close to clichéd territory, but the enthusiasm, the musical skills, and the cottage industry love poured into this effort overcome the arguable shortcomings. When “Route Around” drives by with its pop ballad style and nylon-string guitar solo, the bar is raised and the horizon is broadened; then add a love of nature that’s beautifully communicated through “Meant to Be” and Rebelution are much more than a bleach-blond crew stumbling out of a van telling all the “suits” to “chill.” Still, they retain enough of that surfer dude mojo to be charming, and while Peace of Mind often leads with its “good vibes,” there’s a deep impact to be had here and there. Plus, “Comfort Zone” makes that “try to think of nothing” thing sound so good that any poignancy shoehorned in would really harsh its mellow.


1.  “Sky Is the Limit”  – 4:09
2.  “Comfort Zone”  – 3:13
3.  “Good Vibes  (feat. Lutan Fyah)”  – 3:31
4.  “Route Around”  – 3:52
5.  “Meant to Be   (feat. Jacob Hemphill of SOJA)”  – 3:21
6.  “Life on the Line”  – 4:04
7.  “Closer I Get  (feat. John Popper)”  – 3:30
8.  “Lady in White”  – 4:00
9.  “So High  (feat. Zumbi of Zion I)”  – 4:56
10.  “Day By Day”  – 3:04
11.  “Calling Me Out”  – 4:50
12.  “Honeypot”  – 3:15


  • Eric Rachmany – Vocals, guitar
  • Rory Carey – Keyboards
  • Marley D. Williams – Bass
  • Wesley Finley – Drums
  • Producer – Michael Goldwasser, others

Released: January 10, 2012
Genre: Reggae
Length: 45:46

Label – Red Distribution

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