Sia – Some People Have Real Problems (2008)


Sia Kate Isobelle Furler (born 18 December 1975), referred to mononymously as Sia, is an Australian singer, songwriter, record producer and video music director. She started her career as a singer in the local Adelaide acid jazz band Crisp in the mid-1990s. In 1997, when Crisp disbanded, she released her debut studio album titled OnlySee in Australia. She then moved to London, England, and provided lead vocals for the British duo Zero 7.

Some People Have Real Problems is Sia‘s first release on the Starbucks-affiliated Hear Music label, following acts like Paul McCartney and Joni Mitchell. Given the burst of attention Sia got when her song “Breathe Me” was used to excellent effect in the final scenes of the series finale of the HBO show Six Feet Under, which brought the Australian singer/songwriter to a much wider audience than was familiar with her earlier work with Zero 7 and Massive Attack, it makes perfect sense. With her old-school soul vocal style, with just a hint of roughness under her delicate high-register tones, set against the contemporary sophistication of her music, Sia is exactly the sort of artist a middle-aged Starbucks devotee who wants to remain at least tangentially hip would flock to: if Amy Winehouse did yoga instead of Jack Daniels, she’d sound a lot like Sia. But fans of Sia‘s earlier releases may well be in for a shock: Some People Have Real Problems sounds like a concerted grab for the Mum Rock demographic, those looking for something to listen to while they’re waiting for Corinne Bailey Rae and Regina Spektor to release new albums. Considerably more pop-oriented and uptempo than the chilly electronica that made her name, songs like “Buttons” and “Academia” (one of two songs featuring Beck on harmony vocals; the other, “Death by Chocolate,” also features Jason Lee and Giovanni Ribisi) also seem designed to attract the audience that fell for Feist‘s “1234.” It would be easy to condemn Sia for such a naked brass ring grab except for one somewhat surprising point: the change actually suits her. The newly varied arrangements, moods, and textures of this album, from the mournful piano-led cover of the Kinks‘ “I Go to Sleep” through the horn-based R&B swing of “Electric Bird” to the sarcastic bounce of “The Girl You Lost to Cocaine,” make Some People Have Real Problems Sia‘s most engrossing and satisfying album yet.


1.  “Little Black Sandals”   (Sia Furler, Dan Carey) – 4:14
2.  “Lentil”   (Sia, Samuel Dixon) – 4:27
3.  “Day Too Soon”   (Sia, Dixon) – 4:24
4.  “You Have Been Loved”   (Sia, Clifford Jones, Peter-John Vettese) – 4:23
5.  “The Girl You Lost to Cocaine”   (Sia, Rob Allum, Phil Marten, Eddie Myer) – 2:40
6.  “Academia”   (Sia, Carey) –  3:16
7.  “I Go to Sleep”   (Ray Davies) –  3:47
8.  “Playground”   (Sia, Dixon, Felix Bloxsom) – 3:29
9.  “Death by Chocolate”   (Sia, Greg Kurstin) – 5:03
10.  “Soon We’ll Be Found”   (Sia, Rick Nowels) – 4:21
11.  “Electric Bird”   (Sia, Henry Binns) – 4:26
12.  “Beautiful Calm Driving”   (Sia, Dixon) – 5:02
13.  “Lullaby” (including hidden track “Buttons”)  (Sia, Dixon) – 9:55

Buttons” is a hidden track after “Lullaby” on the international edition of the album, but it is a normal track on the Australian edition, in which it was the first single. “Buttons” was written by Freescha and Furler.




Released: 8 January 2008
All tracks mixed at Twenty One Studios, London. The backing vocals on track 6 are also credited to “Pantera”, Sia’s pet dog.
Genre: Indie pop
Length: 59:15

Label – Monkey Puzzle Records

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