Aimee Mann – Magnolia (OST) (1999)

aimee-mann-magnolia-ostAimee Mann (born September 8, 1960) is an American rock singer, singer-songwriter, bassist and guitarist. She was the bassist and a vocalist for the band ‘Til Tuesday during the 1980s and since then she has primarily released albums and performed as a solo musician.
Magnolia: Music from the Motion Picture is the soundtrack album to the Paul Thomas Anderson motion picture of the same name. Largely composed of works by Aimee Mann, enough such that she receives a title billing on the album, the album also features tracks by Gabrielle, Supertramp, and Jon Brion.
Anderson has stated that Magnolia was inspired by Mann’s music.
Many of the songs feature prominently within the film, with “Wise Up” even being sung by the cast at one point, but only two of the songs were written expressly for the film, those being “You Do” and “Save Me“.
The tracks “Deathly”, “Driving Sideways”, and “You Do” show up on Aimee Mann’s following album, Bachelor No. 2, though the track “Save Me” replaces “Driving Sideways” on EU editions. “Nothing Is Good Enough”, here an instrumental, appears in lyrical form on that album. (Bachelor also includes “Red Vines”, a song Mann wrote about director Anderson.)
The beginning of the song “You Could Make a Killing” and the bit that appears after the track “It’s Not Safe”, both from I’m with Stupid, also appear briefly in the beginning of the film, but the tracks do not appear on this album.
The song “One”, written by Harry Nilsson and originally made popular by Three Dog Night, is played during the first five minutes of the movie, and contains several obscure musical references to other Nilsson songs. It opens with a sample of Nilsson saying “Okay, Mr. Mix!” taken from the start of his song “Cuddly Toy”. This version of the song also includes lyrics from Nilsson’s song “Together” sung in the background. (“Life isn’t easy when two are divided / and one has decided / to bring down the curtain / and one thing’s for certain / there’s nothing to keep them together.”). Furthermore, the opening vocal motif from Nilsson’s song “Good Old Desk” is used as a background vocal line (at approximately 1:54 into the song). Neil Innes, from The Bonzo Dog Doo Dah Band and The Rutles, and Chris Difford of Squeeze provide backing vocals.This track originally appeared on the For the Love of Harry: Everybody Sings Nilsson tribute album.


1. “One”   (Harry Nilsson)  (2:53)
2. “Momentum”  (Aimee Mann)  (3:27)
3. “Build That Wall”  (Mann, Jon Brion)  (4:25)
4. “Deathly”   (Mann)  (5:28)
5. “Driving Sideways”    (Mann, Michael Lockwood)  (3:47)
6. “You Do”   (Mann)  (3:41)
7. “Nothing Is Good Enough (Instrumental)”   (Mann)  (3:10)
8. “Wise Up”   (Mann)  (3:31)
9. “Save Me”   (Mann)  (4:35)
10. “Goodbye Stranger”  (5:50)
(performed by Supertramp)  (Rick Davies, Roger Hodgson)
11. “The Logical Song”  (4:07)
performed by Supertramp)  (Davies, Hodgson)
12. “Dreams”  (3:43)
(performed by Gabrielle)  (Gabrielle, Tim Laws)
13. “Magnolia”  (2:12)
(performed by Jon Brion)  (Brion)


Aimee Mann – vocals, acoustic guitar, bass
Jon Brion – various instruments, background vocals
Buddy Judge – acoustic guitar, background vocals
Scott Mitchell – guitar, organ, Celeste keyboards, glockenspiel, percussion
Michael Penn – guitar, background vocals
Michael Lockwood – 12-string acoustic & electric guitars, melodica, Chamberlin & Celeste keyboards, background vocals
Brendan O’Brien – slide guitar, bass
Keith Brion – piccolo, euphonium
Mike Breaux – oboe
Patrick Warren – accordion, piano
Jon Lupfer – baritone saxophone
Bentmont Tench – piano, Chamberlin keyboards
Dan MacCarroll, John Sands – drums, percussion
Scott Mitchell, Ric Menck – drums
Michael Hausman – programming
Juliana Hatfield, Neil Innes, Chris Difford – background vocals

Companies, etc.



Released: December 7, 1999
Genre: Pop, rock
Style: Soundtrack, Pop Rock, Shoegaze
Length: 50:49

Label – Warner Music

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