Paul Kalkbrenner – Guten Tag (2012)


Paul Kalkbrenner (born 11 June 1977) is a German live act, producer of electronic music, and actor from Berlin. Because he breaks down his tracks into elements that are reassembled onstage, Kalkbrenner is considered a live act, as opposed to a DJ. When it comes to music, Berlin is one of the European cities these days – no matter if indie, alternative, rock, pop or electronic music. When PAUL KALKBRENNER released his album Berlin Calling in 2008, which was the soundtrack to the same-titled movie that he starred in, two things happened: the Berlin sound was born and PAUL KALKBRENNER made it huge. Since then a lot of things happened: Berlin evolved, electronic music gets hyped more and more, PAUL KALKBRENNER became one of the German electro acts. Last year PAUL KALKBRENNER released his album Icke Wieder (english: „me again“ in Berlin slang), now he is about to release another album titled Guten Tag. Although it is a German title again, still a pretty international one as he shortly stated in an interview. Guten Tag features 17 tracks that all are perfect for blunt club nights. An album that doesn’t arrest attention by being innovative – honestly it is all but innovative – but still one that will take the listener (or party folks) into the dancing mood – if they want it or not. If you want some easy entertainment in the background that isn’t too nerved (what is dat?) and that you still can teeter your leg to, PAUL KALKBRENNER’s new record might be the sound that makes you happy. However, these tracks will work best at big parties and dark nights in big clubs.

PAUL KALKBRENNER is a phenomenon who shows with his new output, Guten Tag, that he can’t be stopped. For dancefloors and mass-raves he is a big deal, but for listening at home these 17 tracks are simply too shallow.


1. Schnurbi  (0:59)
2. Der Stabsvörnern  (5:26)
3. Kernspalte  (1:13)
4. Spitz-Auge  (5:19)
5. Globale Gehung  (1:08)
6. Das Gezabel  (6:03)
7. Vörnern-Anwärter  (3:04)
8. Hinrich Zur See  (4:25)
9. Der Buhold  (5:34)
10. Speiseberndchen  (2:58)
11. Fochleise-Kassette  (0:33)
12. Trümmerung  (5:35)
13. Datenzwerg  (0:38)
14. Schwer Verbindlich  (1:48)
15. Der Ast-Spink  (5:18)
16. Bieres Meuse  (3:01)
17. Das Gezabel De Luxe  (5:37)

Companies, etc.



Release: 2012
Genre: Electronic
Style: Minimal, Techno, Tech House
Length: 58:40

Label – Paul Kalkbrenner Musik

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