Promises – Promises (1978)


Promises was a Canadian-based pop group which was founded 1978 in Thousand Oaks, California. The members were the siblings Leslie Maria Knauer (born August 20, 1957, Vancouver, vocals), Jed Knauer (born July 17, 1955, Toronto, guitar, piano) and Benny Knauer (born October 21, 1958, Vancouver, keyboards and vocals). Their father Peter Knauer was a German from Hamburg who moved with his children from Canada to California in the late 1960s.
The group “Promises” was formed, recorded and produced by Steve Verroca who leased it to EMI EAR Holland. The single “Baby It’s You” became a smash hit in Europe and around the world (especially in Germany where it reached number 4 in the charts) in February 1979 and Promises received a Gold album for more than 260,000 selling units.
The song was also hugely popular in Australia, largely due to weekly programming of the original film clip on Sunday evening television music show Countdown. The song was subsequently released on a highly popular compilation album in that market. It also reached number one on the New Zealand Singles Chart for five weeks. “Baby It’s You” was also a success in South Africa, also appearing on Volume 7 of that country’s long running compilation album series Pop Shop. The video received a lot of airplay on South African television too.
After the second single “Lets get back together” became much less successful (only number 18 in Germany and Leslie wanting to change the group image to a punk band the group broke up. In many Published article it says; “Promises was a flop in the States”, but due to some squabbling between EMI-EAR and Capitol Records in Los Angeles, even though the band was a huge hit around the world Capitol records refused to sign the group and Promises was never released in the U.S. But once The group was no longer signed to EMI-EAR, under new manager Toby Mamis, the group entered the studio to record a U.S. album for Capitol Records produced by Jack Nitzsche.
Producer Verroca had used many recording tricks for Leslie’s voice that Mr. Nitzsche was not aware off and with discordance with the new producer and Leslie insisting on recording full takes without overdubs, resulted in the plug being pulled on the sessions resulting in Benny, jed and Peter Knaur quitting the band. Leslie Knauer (Knauer-Wasser during a relationship with photographer Julian Wasser) later became a member with the groups Precious Metal (1983-1992) represented by music attorney Stann Findelle, who made their first recording deal with Polygram and the group went on to also record on Chameleon Records, and Kanary (2004) and sang two songs for the Dennis Hopper movie, Choke (2001).


1.  “Baby It’s You”  (Benny Knauer, Leslie Knauer)  – 3:49
2.  “Let’s Get Back Together”  (Leslie Knauer)  – 3:22
3.  “Who’s Givin’ It to Ya”  (B. Knauer, L. Knauer)  – 3:34
4.  “I’m Sleeping Over”  (B. Knauer, P. Knauer)  – 3:31
5.  “Step by Step”  (Bias Boshell)  – 4:30
6.  “Coffee Shop”  (B. Knauer, D. Parker, J. Knauer, L. Knauer)  – 4:12
7.  “Gotta Gotta Love You”   (B. Knauer, L. Knauer)  – 2:53
8.  “Radio’s On”  (Knauer)  – 3:37
9.  “Did You Like My Love”  (B. Knauer, J. Knauer, L. Knauer)  – 3:50
10.  “Jubilation”  (Leslie Knauer)  – 3:19

Companies, etc.



Releases: 1978
All selections recorded at Sound Investment, L.A., except B2, B3 Recorded at Conway Studios, L.A.
Mixed & additional recording at Criteria Recording Studios, Miami, Florida
Genre: Electronic, Rock
Style: Pop Rock, Synth-pop
Length: 36:37

Label – EMI Records

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