Yves Deruyter – D Album (Full Length Versions) (1999)


Yves Deruyter is a Belgian DJ and artist famous for his work on Bonzai Records.
Yves Deruyter started his DJ career in 1985 and has played in Belgian clubs such as Globe, Barocci, Cherrymoon, Extreme, Carat, BBC, and La Rocca. In 1991, like so many DJs, he also started an artist career. Since then he has been signed to Bonzai Records. His first single “Animals” became a big club hit in Belgium. At this stage people started watching artists like Yves Deruyter for playing on big raves such as Mayday, Energy, Love Parade, Street Parade, Nature One, Trance Energy, Mystery Land, Inner City, Sensation Black, Dance Valley, Groundzero, Frequence, Decibel Outdoor, Defqon 1, Gatecrasher, I love Techno, Antwerp is Burning, City Parade, and Tomorrowland.
With his second single he made a big jump into the German market. “Rave City” became a big success with more than 50,000 records sold. The follow-up “Calling Earth” was again a success with 70,000 singles sold. All this was the start of a successful story. “A Story About House” was to be the next Cherrymoon Trax single, but due to problems with the club it was changed into a new Yves Deruyter single. Unfortunately this single did not achieve any breakthroughs. Nevertheless, his follow-up single, “The Rebel,” was immediately signed for the world. “The Rebel” was a top tune and the real international breakthrough for Yves Deruyter. This single was also signalled the arrival of his first album, D-Album, containing all the singles from past and future. During this period he also started the musical outlet of the Cherrymoon where he was playing.


Disc 1
1.  A Story About House (Original Mix)  – 12:12
2.  Calling Earth (DJ Errikk’s ’97 Total Reconstruction Mix)  – 6:25
3.  Sexy Animals (Beastie Penetration Mix)  – 10:12
4.  The Rebel (Original Mix)  – 8:01
5.  Factor-Y  – 8:41
6.  To The Rhythm  – 9:01
7.  The Limit  – 8:40
8.  Bass Mekaniks  – 9:47

Disc 2
1.  Me, Myself & Mike  – 9:12
2.  Outsiders (Original Mix)  – 8:37
3.  Rave City (Cherry Mix)  – 4:43
4.  Feel Free  – 12:12
5.  Salsa House  – 13:24
6.  Open Future  – 8:07
7.  Planet Reactal  – 8:02
8.  Artistic Highlights  – 8:17


Release: 1999
Genre: Electronic
Style: Trance, Techno
Length: 2:25:38

“The Rebel (Original Mix)” contains a vocalsample from “Rebel Without A Pause” by Public Enemy.

Label – Bonzai Records

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