Arlyn Gale – Back To The Midwest Night (1978)

Arlyn Gale is a black male singer/songwriter/guitarist, (born in Chicago, Illinois, USA).


He releases his only album “Back To The Midwest Night” in 1978. “Take The Night Flight” was released as a single in 1978, but never reached any charts.

Since then, not much heard from Arlyn anymore.


1.  Back To The Midwest Night  (5:53)
2.  Take The Night Flight  (4:09)
3.  Tiger On The Lawn  (5:07)
4.  Sunrise On Sunset  (4:47)
5.  Ronee  (3:58)
6.  Suspicious Fires  (4:23)
7.  She’s Alright  (4:58)
8.  Halfway To Hell  (4:08)



Released:  1978
Recorded at Automated Sound Studios New York, NY
Genre:  Rock
Length:  37:14

Label – ABC Records

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