Filter – Title Of Record (1999)

Filter is an American industrial rock group formed in 1993 in Cleveland by singer Richard Patrick and guitarist/programmer Brian Liesegang. The band was formed after Patrick desired to start his own band after leaving Nine Inch Nails as their touring guitarist.


Title of Record is the second album by American industrial rock band Filter. It was released on August 24, 1999, via Reprise Records. The album’s earlier sessions were marred with slow progress due to line-up changes and frontman Richard Patrick deciding to create his own studio for recording. Upon solidifying the line-up, and bringing in further production help, progress improved, and the album was eventually released on August 24, 1999.

Filter‘s 1995 debut Short Bus broke through at the exact moment when Nine Inch Nails soundalikes began dominating the modern rock charts. Filter had more credit to their sound than any of their peers — their leader Richard Patrick had played in the touring incarnation of NIN. Nevertheless, many critics had written the band off as one-hit wonders with the crossover single “Hey Man, Nice Shot” being their one shot at glory. Since it took them four years to deliver the followup Title of Record, it could appear to the casual observer that the delay was proof positive that the band was a flash in the pan, but the album itself proves them wrong. If anything, it’s a stronger album than its predecessor, with more sonic details and stronger songwriting. Title of Record is still firmly within the industrial-metal tradition — parts of it sound like it could have been on Short Bus, actually — but it’s surprising how often Patrick bends the rules. There’s trippy neo-psychedelic pop vocals that close “Captain Bligh,” and even when the music rages (which it does throughout the record), there are subtle differences in tension and dynamics that keep it fresh and engaging throughout. It is true that Filter sound a little out of place within the modern rock world of 1999, where the aggro-metal is rooted in hip-hop not industrial, but that doesn’t mean that Title of Record isn’t a strong album on its own merits, according to the rules of its genre.


1.  “Sand”   (Richard Patrick)  – 0:36
2.  “Welcome to the Fold”   (Patrick)  – 7:40
3.  “Captain Bligh”   (Patrick)  – 5:12
4.  “It’s Gonna Kill Me”   (Patrick, Geno Lenardo)  – 5:04
5.  “The Best Things”   (Patrick)  – 4:26
6.  “Take a Picture”   (Patrick)  – 6:03
7.  “Skinny”   (Patrick, Lenardo)  – 5:43
8.  “I Will Lead You”   (Patrick, Lenardo)  – 3:23
9.  “Cancer”   (Patrick, Frank Cavanagh)  – 6:39
10.  “I’m Not the Only One”   (Patrick)  – 5:49
11.  “Miss Blue”  (Track ends at 5:36, after 13 minutes of silence, incoherent screaming and backmasking occurs.)  (Patrick)  – 19:48

Japanese Edition
12. “Jurassitol” (from The Crow: City of Angels soundtrack)  (Patrick, Brian Liesegang)  – 5:13
13. “(Can’t You) Trip Like I Do” (from Spawn soundtrack)  (Patrick, Liesegang, The Crystal Method)  – 12:32

German Edition
12. “One (cover)”  (from The X-Files: Fight the Future soundtrack.)  (Harry Nilsson)  – 4:07
13. “A Note from the Author”   (Patrick)  – 1:13


Additional musicians
Companies, etc.

  • Ben Grosse – producer, mixer
  • Rae DiLeo – producer, programming, digital editing
  • Bob Ludwig – mastering


Released:  August 24, 1999
Recorded:  1997-1999, Abyssinian Sons Studio, Chicago, Illinois, U.S.
Genre:  Industrial Metal, Industrial Rock,
Style:  Alternative Rock
Length:  93:28

Label – Reprise Records

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