The Bernie Leadon-Michael Georgiades Band – Natural Progressions (1977)

Bernard Mathew “Bernie” Leadon III (born July 19, 1947) is an American musician and songwriter, best known as a founding member of the Eagles. Prior to the Eagles, he was a member of three pioneering and highly influential country rock bands, Hearts & Flowers, Dillard & Clark and the Flying Burrito Brothers. He is a multi-instrumentalist (guitar, banjo, mandolin, steel guitar, dobro) coming from a bluegrass background. He introduced elements of this music to a mainstream audience during his tenure with the Eagles.


Leadon’s music career since leaving the Eagles has been low-key, resulting in two solo albums with a gap of 27 years in between. Leadon has also appeared on many other artists’ records as a session musician. Bernie Leadon was the most experienced Eagle having been around the scene longer than both Frey and Henley. He worked extensively with Dillard & Clark, Hearts & Flowers and the Flying Burrito Bros, before joining Linda Ronstadt for the 2nd time as her backing band with Frey, Henley & Meisner. Although initially being the Band`s spokesman the power struggle that tore the Eagles apart offered up Bernie as the first casualty.

Upon leaving the Eagles, Leadon retreated from the limelight, only to resurface in 1977 with musician friend Michael Georgiades for his first solo album, Natural Progressions with Brian Garofalo on bass, Dave Kemper on drums, Steve Goldstein on keyboard, Mike Georgiades on guitar and vocals.

Two years after exiting the Band comes his collaboration with Michael Georgiades, Don`t be like that as Mikey actually offers some of the best moments on this acoustic dominated and mellow Country Rock offering. “Callin` for your love” is one such moment.
Leadon does well with “How can you live without love” and most of the rest is cruisy, laid back and enjoyable. Although the last song I just don`t get “Glass Off” perhaps its an Americanism that didn`t make it to our fair shores, but really I don`t get it. An album which highlights Leadon`s formidable talent and shows why he no longer could be an Eagle.


1.  “Callin’ For Your Love”   (Michael Georgiades)  – 4:30
2.  “How Can You Live Without Love?”    (Bernard Leadon)  – 3:46
3.  “Breath”   (Michael Georgiades)  – 3:27
4.  “Rotation”   (Michael Georgiades)  – 6:18
5.  “You’re The Singer”   (Michael Georgiades)  – 4:21
6.  “Tropical Winter”   (Michael Georgiades)  – 4:33
7.  “As Time Goes On”   (Bernard Leadon)  – 3:09
8.  “The Sparrow”   (Bernard Leadon)  – 3:29
9.  “At Love Again”  (Michael Georgiades)  – 4:19
10.  “Glass Off”   (Bernard Leadon)  – 6:45

Companies, etc.



Release Date: 1977
Recorded somewhere in the Santa Monica mountains. Orchestral sessions recorded at Olympic Sound Studios, London. Mastered at the Mastering Lab, Hollywood.
Genre: Rock
Style: Country Rock, Soft Rock
Duration: 44:30

Label – Asylum Records

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