Albert Hammond Jr. – Yours To Keep (2006)

Albert Louis Hammond III (born April 9, 1980, is an American musician and fashion designer. He plays guitar and keyboards for the indie rock band The Strokes. He is the son of singer-songwriter Albert Hammond.


Yours to Keep, the debut solo album by The Strokes guitarist Albert Hammond Jr, was released October 9, 2006. The first single taken from it, “Everyone Gets a Star”, was released as download only, and the first full single is “Back to the 101”. The album also featured help from Sean Lennon, with whom Albert had attended school at Institut Le Rosey.

Compared to the nocturnal New York cool of the Strokes, Albert Hammond, Jr.‘s solo album Yours to Keep is a sunny California afternoon. It’s not quite as radical a departure as, say, James Iha‘s solo album Let It Come Down was from his work with the Smashing Pumpkins, but Hammond‘s endearing pop miniatures have their own identity without feeling too self-consciously different from the Strokes. Even the songs that were adapted from his music for the Strokes‘ fan club tour DVD, like the chugging “In Transit,” aren’t as hard-edged as his day job’s music, and Hammond‘s sweet, unaffected voice gives lyrics like “Everyone Gets a Star”‘s “I know it gets so confusing/Sometimes it all seems to drag me down” a much different feel than they would coming out of Julian Casablancas‘ world-weary mouth. Actually, two of the most notable influences on Yours to Keep are the Beach Boys and Buddy Holly, artists both far removed in time and sound from the Strokes and the main inspirations on their music. The opening track “Cartoon Music for Superheroes” sounds like a lullaby version of Brian Wilson and company’s take on “The Sloop John B.” and “Holiday” rhymes “Jamaica” and “take ya,” conjuring up “Kokomo.” The affectionate covers of Holly‘s “Well…All Right” and Guided by Voices‘ “Postal Blowfish” which appear on the U.S. version of the album, give further insight into its friendly, unpretentious vibe and immediate melodies. Yours to Keep’s eclectic feel adds to its unassuming charm, with whimsical tracks like “Call an Ambulance” and the folky “Blue Skies” sounding natural but not predictable next to “101” and “Bright Young Thing,” which both have surprisingly bittersweet passages that come on like sudden rain showers. And while most of the album’s songs are to the point — which only adds to their appeal — “Hard to Live in the City”‘s lengthy, brassy coda makes it feel like an impromptu party breaks out at the end of the song. A small-scale project with big results, Yours to Keep is a very enjoyable musical sketchbook. In its own concise, unassuming way, it could even charm those who aren’t fans of the Strokes.


  1. “Cartoon Music for Superheroes” – 2:04
  2. “In Transit” – 3:33
  3. “Everyone Gets a Star” – 3:05
  4. “Bright Young Thing” – 3:13
  5. “Blue Skies” – 3:17
  6. “Back to the 101” (“101” on the U.S. release) – 3:27
  7. “Call an Ambulance” – 3:11
  8. “Scared” – 4:42
  9. “Holiday” – 3:08
  10. “Hard to Live (In the City)” (“Hard To Live In The City” in the U.S.) – 5:23
  11. “Postal Blowfish” (U.S. and Canadian bonus track) – 2:20
  12. “Well…All Right” (U.S. and Canadian bonus track) – 2:27
  13. “101” [Enhanced CD Music Video] (U.S. and Canadian bonus track)


  • Albert Hammond Jr. – vocals, lead guitar, drums on “Blue Skies”
  • Mikki James – bass guitar, piano, melodica on “Cartoon Music For Superheroes”
  • Greg Lattimer – bass guitar, background vocals on “Scared” and bells on “Blue Skies”
  • Sean Lennon – piano, background vocals and bass guitar on “In Transit” and background vocals on “Scared”
  • Josh Lattanzi – bass guitar and rhythm guitar on “In Transit”
  • Matt Romano – drums
  • Julian Casablancas – bass guitar and background vocals on “Scared”
  • Chris Feinstein – bass guitar on “Scared”
  • Roger Greenawalt – ukulele on “Call an Ambulance”
  • Greg Glassman – trumpet on “Hard To Live In The City”
  • Evan Robinson – trombone on “Hard To Live In The City”
  • Alex Levy – shakers on “Hard To Live In The City”



Released:  October 9, 2006
Recorded at:  Cabin In The Sky & Albert Hammond Jr.’s house, at Red Carpet Studios, at Loho, at Electric Lady Studios: Tracks 9 & 10
Genre:  Alternative Rock, Garage Rock
Style:  Indie Rock
Length:  34:52

Label – Rough Trade Records

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