The Kings – (1980) The Kings Are Here

The Kings are a Canadian rock band formed in 1977 in Oakville, Ontario. They are best known for their 1980 North American hit “This Beat Goes On/Switchin’ To Glide”.


In early 1980, the band went into Nimbus 9 Studio in Toronto to record their first album. While recording, renowned producer Bob Ezrin visited the studio, listened to the band, and liked what he heard. Together they created the album The Kings Are Here featuring the North American hit “This Beat Goes On/Switchin’ To Glide.” Two other singles followed and the band began touring extensively with Bob Seger, Jeff Beck, The Beach Boys and Eric Clapton.

“Hey Judy, get Trudy.” So begins one of the greatest two-fers in pop history. “This Beat Goes On/Switching to Glide” may not be as famous as double-A “We Will Rock You/We Are the Champions,” or even “Feeling That Way/Anytime,” but it’s an exquisitely enjoyable double-shot. On “Switching to Glide,” a buoyant blast of bouncing Question Mark & the Mysterians’ keyboard pushes power chords, power chords, and more power chords. Well, this beat remains throughout, as the Ontario Kings surf the new wave with grace and poise, gliding in under the auspice of production legend Bob Ezrin. That grand opening has been pumped up and transferred to disc, but the rest of this gem was almost lost forever in the wax museum (now on CD as the Kings Are Here and More). The Kings’ swinging fete never lets up, and actually gets a bit exhausting even before one reaches the label on the front. Side two darts off the line with “Run Shoes Running” (somehow working in spite of [or because of] that title). “Anti Hero Man” sports a sharp wraparound riff and “Love Store” has everything the underground pop fan needs. Cheesy roller-rink organ bounces everywhere, making this fiesta seem like a day at the fair. The Kings Are Here is defiantly an amphetamine party record as the beat goes on and on and on, but to the average Joe who prefers a bit of ease with his extreme rock & roll, this inaugural may fall under the one-trick-pony category.


1.  This Beat Goes On  – 3:08
2.  Switchin’ To Glide  – 2:32
3.  It’s Okay  – 2:53
4.  Go Away  – 3:45
5.  Partyitis  – 3:49
6.  Run Shoes Running  – 2:32
7.  Anti Hero Man  – 3:25
8.  Love Store  – 3:28
9.  Don’t Let Me Know  – 3:58
10.  My Habit  – 3:40

The Kings

David Diamond – vocals, bass
Mister Zero – guitar
Sonny Keyes – keyboards
Max Styles – drums

Companies, etc.



Produced by:  Bob Ezrin for Migration Productions Ltd.
Recorded at:  Nimbus 9 “Soundstage”, Toronto, Canada
Mixed at:  Producers Workshop, Los Angeles, California
Mastered at:  The Mastering Lab, Los Angeles by the amazing Doug Sax
Genre:  Rock
Length: 33:28

Label – Elektra Records

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