Waylon Jennings – The Eagle (1990)

Waylon Arnold Jennings (June 15, 1937 – February 13, 2002) was an American singer, songwriter, musician, and actor. Jennings began playing guitar at eight and began performing at 14 on KVOW radio. His first band was The Texas Longhorns.


The Eagle is an album by Waylon Jennings, released on Epic Records in 1990. It was the first of his two solo albums on the label, which he joined after a two-year stay at MCA. The selections themselves are a mixture of fast-paced songs and slower ballads. “Wrong”, a humorous track about a relationship that turned awry, was Jennings’ final top ten country hit, reaching #5 on the charts. The album also yielded the minor hits “What Bothers Me Most”. Additionally, a music video for “Wrong”, directed by Robert Deaton and George J. Flanigen IV, was filmed and released. The Eagle was the singer’s final top ten record, reaching #9 on the country charts; it also briefly appeared on the pop charts, with its highest position being #172.

This album, released in 1990, came towards the end of Waylon’s career. It was one of the best of his career artistically. It yielded the top five country hit Wrong, a very amusing song about a failed relationship, while the anthemic title track also made the country top twenty.
Although the songs are a mix of different tempos, the lyrics are generally reflective, showing the wisdom that comes with maturity. Waylon did not write any of the songs (except for a co-credit on Waking up with you) but clearly chose songs that he could in some way relate to.
Working cheap is a great up-tempo song to open the set. There are a couple of great mid-tempo songs (Where corn don’t grow, Reno and me) and several great ballads including the closing track, Old church hymns and nursery rhymes, from the songbook of Beth Nielsen Chapman.
Waylon recorded several albums that were more commercially successful but very few that were more entertaining. If you want more of Waylon’s music than just the big RCA hits, this is a great album to listen to.

Two of this album’s songs were later recorded by other artists, both in 1996: “Her Man” on Gary Allan‘s debut album Used Heart for Sale, and “Where Corn Don’t Grow” on Travis Tritt‘s album The Restless Kind. Both of these versions were released as singles that year.


  1. “Workin’ Cheap” (Troy Seals, Max D. Barnes) – 2:55
  2. “What Bothers Me Most” (Seals, Barnes) – 3:25
  3. The Eagle” (Hank Cochran, Red Lane, Mack Vickery) – 2:55
  4. Her Man” (Kent Robbins) – 2:42
  5. Wrong” (Steve Seskin, Andre Pessis) – 2:58
  6. Where Corn Don’t Grow” (Roger Murrah, Mark Alan Springer) – 3:17
  7. “Reno and Me” (John Hadley, Kevin Welch) – 3:11
  8. “Too Close to Call” (Chester Lester) – 2:44
  9. “Waking Up with You” (Murrah, Jennings, Charlie Craig) – 2:34
  10. “Old Church Hymns and Nursery Rhymes” (Beth Nielsen Chapman) – 3:48




Released:  July 1990
Recorded at:  Eleven Eleven Sound and The Music Mill.
Genre:  Country
Style:  Outlaw country
Length:  29:54

Label – Epic Records

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