Junkyard – (1989) Junkyard

Junkyard is a hard rock band formed in 1987 in Los Angeles (but claim to be from Austin TX), with members formerly in Minor Threat, The Big Boys, Decry and Dag Nasty The band has often drawn comparisons with Guns N’ Roses.


The original line-up of the band included several members who were not a part of the group by the time they began recording. Max Gottlieb was the original guitarist and songwriter, and the original drummer was Johnny Hell. These two members would leave the group, and the lineup stabilized around lead singer David Roach, guitarist Chris Gates, bassist Clay Anthony, and drummer Patrick Muzingo. Brian Baker (guitar, ex-Dag Nasty/Minor Threat), joined the band just prior to the recording of the first album. Although the band was heavily influenced by Southern rock, Baker had told Sounds, “I hate the concept. I like that music but I’m not into the rebel flag or the throwing up in your pickup truck”.
Comprised of ex-Dag Nasty/Minor Threat and future Bad Religion guitarist Brian Baker, Junkyard‘s 1989 debut is a rollicking, good time, if somewhat disjointed, affair. Produced by veteran classic rock knobster Tom Werman, the band’s self-titled debut puts a different spin on the late-’80s hair rock mantra. Dirtier and certainly blusier than most of its counterparts, Junkyard incorporated elements of Southern rock, boogie-woogie, and AC/DCism into one compact sound. Songs like “Simple Man,” replete with saloon-style piano, make a valid argument for a good idea seen through with lackluster execution. The album’s single “Hollywood” sounds like Faster Pussycat playing through Lynyrd Skynyrd‘s guitar rig. If you like Rhino Bucket or the Sea Hags of this world, Junkyard‘s debut is worth checking out.


1. “Blooze”   (Gates, Roach, Muzingo, Anthony)  – 3:49
2. “Hot Rod”   (Gates, Roach)  – 2:42
3. “Simple Man”   (Gates, Roach)  – 4:22
4. “Shot In The Dark”   (Gates)  – 3:32
5. “Hollywood”   (Gates, Roach, Gottlleb)  – 3:00
6. “Life Sentence”   (Gates, Roach)  – 3:08
7. “Long Way Home”   (Gates, Roach)  – 4:43
8. “Can’t Hold Back”   (Gates, Roach, Muzingo, Anthony)  – 4:00
9. “Texas”   (Gates, Roach, Gottlleb)  – 3:35
10. “Hands Off”   (Gates, Roach, Ferrari)  – 5:25

Companies, etc.



Release: 1989
Recorded at: Conway and Studio 56. Mixed at One on One.
Genre:  Rock
Style:  Hard Rock
Duration:  38:16

Label – Geffen Records

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