G. Love & Special Sauce – Superhero Brother (2008)

G. Love & Special Sauce is an alternative hip hop band from Philadelphia. They are known for their unique, “sloppy”, and “laid back” blues sound that encompasses classic R&B. The band features Garrett Dutton, better known as G. Love, Jeffrey Clemens on drums, and Jim Prescott on bass.


Superhero Brother (2008) is the eighth studio album released by American alternative hip hop trio G. Love and Special Sauce.
Superhero Brother sees G. Love & Special Sauce pulling back on the guest appearances from their last two albums and just focusing on the core group, now including Mark Boyce on keys. They still cover a lot of bases musically, from the classic rock moves of “Communication” to the New Orleans second-line rhythm on the chorus of “Peace, Love and Happiness.” A bit of beatboxing introduces “What We Need,” while “Wontcha Come Home” almost sounds like an old Paul Simon song.
Then there are the more tender tracks, like “Grandmother” and “Soft and Sweet.” The smirking “Wiggle Worm” is destined to become a concert favorite, while “City Livin'” recalls the ’70s with punchy horns and groovy guitar. There’s certainly nothing new about G. Love‘s “forget your troubles, listen to my music and just feel good” gospel, but this time out some of the songs seem a bit formulaic. Then there’s the hazy, totally baked “Who’s Got the Weed,” replete with coughing and bong-hit sound effects.
The title track gets closest to the blues as a solo acoustic track. Musically, it’s pretty tasty but verses detailing the various heroic ways G. Love would save the world are contrasted with the confusing refrain “Awwww baby, my love don’t seem the same.” Huh? Superhero Brother will probably sound pretty good as background at a party, but there’s not a lot of meat on these bones.


  1. Communication ( 3:21)
  2. City Livin’ ( 4:05)
  3. Wiggle Worm ( 4:05)
  4. Peace, Love, and Happiness ( 3:42)
  5. Soft And Sweet ( 3:21)
  6. Wont’cha Come Home ( 2:32)
  7. Crumble ( 4:47)
  8. What We Need ( 3:20)
  9. Grandmother ( 2:42)
  10. Georgia Brown ( 3:17)
  11. Who’s Got The Weed ( 5:45)
  12. Superhero Brother ( 4:24)


  • G. Love – vocals, guitar, harmonica on “City Livin'”, “Wiggle Worm”, “Peace, Love And Happiness”, “Soft And Sweet”, “Grandmother” and “Superhero Brother”, claps on “City Livin'” and “Peace, Love And Happiness”, whistle on “Wiggle Worm”, background vocals on “Crumble” and “Who Got The Weed?”, beatbox on “What We Need”
  • Jeffrey Clemens – drums, background vocals, percussion on “Communication”, “Soft And Sweet”, “Wontcha Come Home”, “What We Need” and “Grandmother”, claps on “City Livin'”
  • Jimi “Jazz” Prescott – string bass, electric bass on “Communication”, “Wiggle Worm”, “What We Need” and “Grandmother”, claps on “City Livin'”
  • Mark Boyce – piano, organ on “Peace, Love And Happiness”, “Soft And Sweet”, “Crumble”, “What We Need” and “Grandmother”, background vocals on “Communication”, “Wiggle Worm” and “What We Need”, Analogue synthesizer on “Wiggle Worm”, clavinet on “Who’s Got The Weed?”, claps on “City Livin'”
  • Chris DiBeneditto – percussion on “Peace, Love And Happiness”, “Wontcha Come Home”, “Grandmother” and “Who’s Got The Weed?”, background vocals on “Wontcha Come Home” and “Who’s Got The Weed?”, claps on “City Livin'”
  • Pete Donelly – background vocals, percussion, claps on “Peace, Love And Happiness”
  • Fred Berman – percussion, claps on “Peace, Love And Happiness”
  • Dela – saxophone on “City Livin'”
  • Sheffer Bruton – trombone on “City Livin'”
  • C-Money – trumpet on “City Livin'”
  • Tre Hardson (Formally of The Pharcyde) – vocals, background vocals on “Who’s Got The Weed?”



Released:June 24, 2008
Recorded: 2008
Genre:  Blues Rock
Style:  Acoustic, Pop Rap, Modern Electric Blues
Length: 57:30

Label – Brushfire Records

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