The Tourists – Luminous Basement (1980)

The Tourists (1977–1980) were a British rock and pop band. They achieved brief success in the late 1970s before the band split in 1980. Two of its members, singer Annie Lennox and guitarist Dave Stewart, went on to achieve massive international success as Eurythmics.

Tourists, The - Luminous Basement - Booklet

Luminous Basement is the third and final studio album from the band The Tourists, released in 1980.

Following the band’s previous album Reality Effect, the Tourists were faced with a contractual dispute with their record label Logo. This led to Luminous Basement being recorded for RCA instead. The album was produced by Tom Allom and David A. Stewart at George Martin’s studio in Montserrat. The band were the second to use Martin’s studio, after Earth, Wind and Fire. Stewart would later recall in his 2016 autobiography that the making of the album was “not a good experience” and “trouble brewing in paradise”. This was largely due to the band being worn-out, disagreements between Coombes and Lennox, and Coombes own drug habit.

The Tourists’ third album found the group continuing to expand its musical horizons, especially by integrating Annie Lennox’s keyboards into the mix, while maintaining their basic pop/rock focus. Peet Coombes’s lyrics had an inward-looking, psychoanalytical focus, and Lennox, on her one contribution, “One Step Near the Edge,” maintained that introspection, while Dave Stewart brought in a Yardbirds-like raveup in “Let’s Take a Walk.” “Don’t Say I Told You” showed that the group could still come up with an ear-catching single, but it and the album enjoyed only modest success, and in a developing group, momentum is important. Thus, Coombes and bassist Eddie Chin broke off to form the Acid Drops (who have not been heard from since), while Lennox and Stewart became Eurythmics.


  1. “Walls and Foundations” – 4:17
  2. “Don’t Say I Told You So” – 4:00
  3. “Week Days” – 2:45
  4. “So You Want To Go Away Now” – 3:08
  5. “One Step Nearer The Edge” – 4:43 (Annie Lennox)
  6. “Angels and Demons” – 3:16
  7. “Talk to Me” – 5:57
  8. “Round Round Blues” – 4:05
  9. “Let’s Take a Walk” – 2:57 (David A. Stewart)
  10. “Time Drags So Slow” – 4:44
  11. “I’m Going To Change My Mind” – 4:13

All tracks written by Peet Coombes except where noted.

Companies, etc.


  • Photographs Printed By, Artwork By – Robin Bell
  • Photography Artwork By – Willy Smax
  • Sleeve & Logo Design Artwork By – John Berg
  • Engineer – “Baron” John Punter
  • Management – Arnakata Management Inc.
  • Producer(s) – Tom Allom, David A. Stewart
  • Engineer – Jon Walls
  • Assistant Engineer, Technician – Tony George
  • Equipment Technician – Davy Wright


Released: October 1980
Recorded: May – August 1980 at Air Studios, Montserrat. Mixed at Startling Studios and Air Studios, London.
Genre:  Rock
Style:  New Wave
Length: 50:11

Label – RCA Records

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