Third World Love – New Blues (2008)

Third World Love was founded in 2003 in Barcelona for a tour. Three of its four members (all but the American drummer Daniel Freedman) were born in Israel and the group has since become very popular in Israel and Europe.


Three of the musicians currently live in New York (pianist Yonatan Avishai resides in France) and the band has gradually become better known in the United States. While their music has accurately been described as a mixture of Middle Eastern and African music along with jazz and rock, in reality Third World Love is an advanced jazz quartet that is influenced by the musicians’ ties to Israel, particularly in its often-haunting compositions. New Blues is their fourth CD and it is a particularly strong all-round effort. Interpreting intriguing originals by three of its members (all but Freedman) along with Duke Ellington‘s “So,” the performances feature lyrical and emotional playing by trumpeter Avishai Cohen, versatile solos and accompaniment from pianist Yonatan Avishai, intelligent support and soloing from bassist Omer Avital, and solid backup by drummer Daniel Freedman. The eccentric and exciting “New Blues (Ain’t No Thing…)” is a high point.

“Third World Love’s stunning second U.S. release manages to combine downtown scene seriousness of purpose with the booty-shaking rhythms of a jazz-jam band…far greater than the sum of its parts, “New Blues” is a rare hybrid: jazz for the brain, heart and feet. …there is a fascinating pallete in use, with unusual time signatures, clever cultural borrowings and an interweaving of exotic and familiar elements as a back drop for unfettered improvisation. New Blues…is a perfect example of this.



01.  “Joy of Life Intro”   (Omer Avital)  – 2:12
02.  “Joy of Life”   (Omer Avital)  – 8:36
03.  “Homeland”  (Omer Avital)  – 7:10
04.  “Little Echo”  (Daniel Freedman)  – 3:31
05.  “La Camerona”  (Daniel Freedman)  – 5:53
06.  “Gigi et Amelie”  (Avishai Cohen)  – 5:45
07.  “Nature’s Dance”  (Avishai Cohen)  – 8:07
08.  “Hamina”  (Omer Avital)  – 5:40
09.  “Beauty of Death”  (Yonatan Avishai)  – 4:45
10.  “New Blues (Ain’t No Thing…)”  (Avishai Cohen)  – 5:51
11.  “So”   (Duke Ellington)  – 3:45


Avishai Cohen – Trumpet
Yonatan Avishai – Piano
Omer Avital – Bass
Daniel Freedman – Drums
Produced by Third World Love


Release Date:  March 4, 2008
Recorded and mixed by Joe Ferla
Genre:  Jazz
Styles:  Contemporary Jazz, Neo-Bop, Progressive Jazz
Duration:  1:01:15

Label – Anzic Records

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