David Lindley & Wally Ingram – Twango Bango III (2003)

David Perry Lindley (born March 21, 1944, San Marino, California, United States) is an American musician who is notable for his work with Jackson Browne, Warren Zevon, and other rock musicians. He has mastered such a wide variety of instruments that Acoustic Guitar magazine referred to Lindley, not as a multi-instrumentalist, but instead as a “maxi-instrumentalist”. Wally Ingram is an American drummer and musician. He is most famous as a member of the band, Timbuk 3.


Multi-instrumentalist David Lindley has been a musical pioneer for a long time. But his latest recording with percussionist Wally Ingram, “Twango Bango III,” shows this exceptional player and performer at his best. Whether backing subversive lyrics with amazing lap steel, bringing banjo back into reggea, or playing an array of central Asian instruments in western musical settings, David Lindley does it all with humor and class. And Twango Bango III is his sixth independent, self-published CD.

Number 3 in the collaboration of guitar wizard Lindley and octopedal-drummer Wally Ingram, along with some nice vocal support from Lindley’s daughter Rosanne, and studio overdubs. And it’s all the great stuff you’d expect from these guys, including several wonderful original songs and tunes from Lindley (When A Guy Gets Boobs!) and a bunch of traditionals done up real tasty, and my favorite, Ry Cooder’s Tokyo Bootlegger Man.

Lindley’s whole range is displayed here, from Blues, to Cajun, Reggae, Americana/Bluegrass, Island/Calypso and Celtic/Madrigal – played on his eclectic assortment of stringed things (acoustic guitar, oud, bouzouki, tambur, saz, cumbus, electric Hawaiian guitar, tenor banjo, electric guitar, electric bass, Pogreba bass slide, baritone slide, slide guitar….)

Over the course of fourteen tracks, Lindley and Ingram traverse a rather broad terrain, yet their skillful knack at moving the listener from one place to another makes the journey appear quite seamless. Meatgrinder Blues is pure greasy, crunchy rock; Gabrielle settles into Cajun territory before mutating into something delightfully Middle Eastern; and traditional songs like Hesitation Blues and Little Sadie are completely reinvented — the former is fitted with a reggae groove, while the latter is turned into an Arabic lament.


01.  Meatgrinder Blues  (5:35)
02.  When a Guy Gets Boobs  (4:21)
03.  Gabrielle  (3:46)
04.  Tokyo Bootlegger Man  (4:25)
05.  Hesitation Blues  (4:01)
06.  The Johnson Boys  (5:06)
07.  Shame and Scandal in the Family  (3:57)
08.  You Done Me Wrong  (2:44)
09.  Pilgrim Song/The Circle Will Be Unbroken  (3:49)
10.  Little Sadie  (2:37)
11.  Little Sadie Instrumental  (2:40)
12.  Young Man Who Wouldn’t Hoe Corn  (5:05)
13.  A Drunk Can’t Be a Man  (3:20)
14.  Meti’s Reel  (3:31)


Released: 2003
Genre: Blues, Folk, World, & Country
Length: 55:02

Label – D.L. Inc. ‎– none

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